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Dear Ted:
Does Brad Pitt's "adoration" of Jolie have anything to do with his Vice? He doesn't throw her too many adorable looks, if you know what I mean. I guess I've just been assuming that they're holding it together because they're afraid the other one will out their bitchy behavior or tarnish their image. And it would be hard to find someone willing to be a default mother/father for 3,569 children overnight, too. They're not so hot anymore.

Dear Bitch-ay:
Darling, you are highly misinformed regarding the beautiful couple who, by the by, some think are secretly married (I say no). Look, Brad adores Angelina, much more than he did Jennifer Aniston; think closer to how he originally felt about Gywneth Paltrow, another toughie. Brad does not care about Angelina's Vices, period. He cares about their family, end of story. I can also assure you Jolie feels even moreso about Pitt's Vices—it's a nonissue. And I'll even go one further: In the end, I say Brangie's Vicey ways actually help keep them together, not the other way around.

Dear Ted:
Has Nevis Divine ever played a gay character in a movie?

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Dear Play Gay:
Nope, at least not yet. Here's hoping!

Dear Ted:
I'm excited to see this last season of One Tree Hill, and I've been catching up on past seasons. It makes me upset that Chad Michael Murray is only going to be in one episode and Hillary Burton in none! I just feel like it's going against the fans who made them popular! Is there a behind-the-scenes reason for this? Maybe past Vice behavior? I always thought that OTH was the original teenage Vicey cast.

Dear One Is the Loneliest Number:
Uh, yeah, Chad's past has a great deal to do with his present. Is that too karma of me to say?

Dear Ted:
I was wondering about the other blind item floating around the net talking about a Twilight dude who wanted to come out as gay this year at promos but was asked to wait until next year. I remember you having one of your Twilight  B.V.'s thinking the same a while ago right? Could you let us know which B.V. this is if it is indeed the same person.

Dear Itching to Come Out:
Doubt it's anything to do with A.T., especially if this other item's about a man.

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Dear Ted:
Why does it look like the Glee cast's photo shoots have been badly Photoshopped, as if they each did their photos separately and it was cut and pasted in? Is everyone on that show not getting along with each other?

Dear More Than Meets the Eye:
Look, doll, there is nothing more real than a Photoshop job here in Hollywood, let's just be honest. And you know that the Glee cast is quite busy; it's hard to get all those celebs in one place at a time. They're busy being really famous, so fun! And I wouldn't chalk that up to them not getting along. It's probably more of a scheduling issue at this point. It would seem logical to think with all those stahs in one place a catfight will surely break out at some point, but that's probably hoping a little too hard.

Dear Ted:
What is going on with Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis ? They haven't been pictured together in so long, he hasn't mentioned her at all in recent interviews and Johnny said he was living in the states now and it doesn't seem Vanessa and the kids are with him, judging from recent pics of her in France. Have they split? Could this explain his weird behavior of late?

Dear Take a Breath:
Wasn't Johnny just gushing about how when he met Vanessa he just knew he was all in love? I think so. So we all know that J.D. is a busy guy lately with The Rum Diary and all. Different continents for a reason, babe. He's promoting, and she's taking care of the kiddies. Not a big deal. I think all is well in the Depp fam. Remember they don't exactly make themselves out to be walking pr vehicles, à la Brad ‘n' Angie. So don't sweat the small stuff.

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