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Green Is Universal - Nov 2011

If you're in Adrian Grenier's entourage, you better be green!

"To me, this lifestyle is a work in progress, it requires constant participation and really that's the key," the Entourage actor recently told E! News. "I think being passive or ignorant is sort of what's gotten us into this mess in the first place."

In fact...

Grenier teamed up with film producer Peter Glatzer to launch their new multimedia website The site was designed to inspire a more sustainable approach to life through video, design, art and culture.

"The true solutions and the true changes happen with all the many little shifts that occur within everybody," Grenier says. "When I was younger I was maybe a little more rebellious and I didn't care. And then I went through extremes of caring too much, which was also unhealthy. So it's about finding the balance and about engaging in meaningful ways."

Grenier even attempted to make his Entourage alter-ego Vince Chase go eco-friendly on the hit HBO series.

"I tried to get Doug [Ellin, the creator] to make Vince drive anything but a Hummer for about four years," he laughed.

WATCH: Adrian Grenier's Sustainable Green Life

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