Sister Wives


Family vacation time...with a twist!

In a recent episodeDanielle Tumminio, a priest and lecturer, invited the family to speak in Boston at a panel discussion, which Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Christine, Janelle and Robyn, agreed to do, despite being nervous about the possibility of facing a hostile audience. Joining them on the trip were the four oldest Brown children (Mariah, Logan, Aspyn and Madison), so they could look at colleges. 

So how did the panel discussion go? 

After arriving in Boston, the family goes out to dinner with Danielle and some college students to prep for the panel discussion. Kody and the wives answered questions (the "emotional intimacy" between wives included), and a gay undergrad, who worries that the family wouldn't accept him, learns that's not the case. Christine said, "How can we say we do not accept your lifestyle, but please accept ours? We're not like that." 

After dinner, the four teenagers went out for ice cream with the college students, who asked whether or not they want to continue in a plural marriage lifestyle. Mariah, Meri's only child, said, "I've decided I want to live like this." She said she looks forward to having sister wives. Madison told the college kids she doesn't want to be in a plural marriage and Aspyn says she doesn't think she will, but might change her mind. Logan says Kody told him to just do whatever makes him happy. 

Before the panel, the entire family is super-nervous, and Kody is worried people will call him a misogynist. When asked about the possibility of "brother husbands," Kody says he found the question "abrasive." "That's not a tenant of our faith," Meri says, while Janelle adds, "Religions have rules and beliefs." 

"Boston was an extremely good experience," Meri says after the panel is over. "I like when people are just curious about it and that's all they are."

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think the kids should attend college away from the family? How do you think the Browns handled the panel? Sound off in the comments!

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