Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball, Writes About a Night Spent Among His "Heroes"

"I knew I would have an evening that I wouldn't forget," Timberlake writes. "What I didn't know was how moved I would be by the whole experience."

By Tierney Bricker Nov 14, 2011 2:07 AMTags
Justin Timberlake, Corporal Kelsey DeSantisjustintimberlake.com

When Justin Timberlake accepted the call, he wasn't kidding around. 

On Saturday, the actor and singer made good on his promise to attend the Basic School Instructor Battalion 236th Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Richmond, Virginia, after being invited via Youtube.

Timberlake had such a great time that he blogged about his evening with Cpl. Kelsey De Santis and the marines, saying the night "changed" his life...

"I knew I would have an evening that I wouldn't forget...Something I could tell my friends about," Timberlake writes. "What I didn't know was how moved I would be by the whole experience."

The "SexyBack" singer wrote that he was almost brought to tears by a video about Pearl Harbor, World War II and the September 11 terrorist attacks, which featured firsthand accounts from Marines. 

"It was a surreal moment to be in that room with so many of our great Marines who have such a different type of connection to those stories," he says. 

Calling it "one of the most moving evenings I've ever had," Timberlake went on to write that he was honored to be at the event. "I felt so proud to be there. I felt like I was getting a chance to be among my heroes. It's funny too because a lot of them are SO younger than me."

Timberlake also had some very kind words for his mixed-martial arts trained date, whom he called "humble and honest," as well as her friends. "'Are you ok?" she asked 2 or 3 times. 'I hope you are having fun. I know you will once my crew of friends get here to the table,'" he writes. "I have to tell you, it's not every day that I meet a 23 year old girl and she's more worried about if I'm having fun or if I'm comfortable." 

As for his date's pals, the pop star writes "I laughed and laughed with all of them almost immediately and felt very close to them...They reminded me of my friends (the ones I like, at least). Cool, un-affected, and real."

DeSantis certainly seems cool. When she invited the In Time star to the event back in July—in the wake of Timberlake pushing his pal Mila Kunis to attend a similar event—she said, "'I'm gonna call you out and ask you to come to the Marine Corps ball with me on Nov. 12. And if you can't go, all I have to say is, cry me a river. Hit me up."

At the end of his post, Timberlake writes, "To all of you that serve every day for us...Ensuring our freedom, I say: My deepest gratitude to you. I've met so many of my heroes... From Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson. And, nothing makes me feel more honor and pride than when I get to meet one of you. Last night changed my life and I will never forget it.

"Thank you Corporal Kelsey DeSantis. Thank you for inviting me. And, thank you for being my hero."