Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images For The BFI

If you think Madonna is sitting home crying about her latest song, "Give Me All Your Love," being leaked all over the net, you are seriously mistaken. The Material One was hanging out in NYC Saturday night picking a new dancer for her next tour at the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project.

She brought her daughter, Lourdes, and boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat with her and donned thigh-high stiletto boots and a black leotard with a white rolled-up shirt over it. During the competition at the Roseland Ballroom, she looked like a schoolgirl lying on her stomach between her choreographers. The Material Girl seemed at ease and ready to party.

After the competition, she hung around and free-styled with some of the dancers. Then she climbed into Martin Solveig's DJ booth. Solveig, best known for his hit, "Hello," is working on Madonna's latest album. The album will hearken back to Madonna's roots of electronic music mixed with some hood, according to her choreographers Rich and Tone. As for working with Madonna, Solveig says, "there are no words …It is the best experience for a producer."

She finished off the night by dancing and singing along to her hit "Hung Up." At times, making light of her leaked song she spelled out L-U-V Madonna! Y-O-U, You Wanna? which is the hook from from "Give Me All Your Love."

Clearly, she's a survivor, which we never doubted for a second.

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