Talk about a low blow! Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to get Twilight star Robert Pattinson to hit him in the groin.

The Breaking Dawn actor visited The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon in NYC Thursday during his rounds of publicity for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, and he not only showed his funny side but also engaged in a battle of archery with the host.

With a breakdown of 10 points for the face, 5 for the midsection and, wouldn't you just know, 20 for the groin, the host and actor battled it out. Rob did Team Edward proud by finally hitting Jimmy below the belt on his third attempt.

The actor also laughed off his crooked shoe prints on his, Kristen Stewart's and Taylor Lautner's star on the Walk of Fame and joked about filming the initial Breaking Dawn pregnancy scene with Kristen's flat stomach.

Watch Fallon's full interview with Rob here, or ogle scads of Twilight saga snaps in our gallery below.

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