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Talk about a bum deal.

The Middleton sisters certainly seem to have targets on their backs this month, as just a week after gossips launched a preemptive bumpwatch for Kate Middleton (her ultra-sleek physique at last night's gala dinner certainly seemed to silence those rumors), British tabloids are tripping over themselves to proclaim Pippa Middleton newly single.

While Prince Harry searches for last-minute flights back to the U.K. (hey, we can hope, right?), Pippa is maintaining her trademark silence on the matter. Though she seems to be the only one.

Both the Sun and Daily Mail are quoting "sources" purportedly close to the couple, claiming the 27-year-old sister and paparazzi favorite has called it quits—for good this time—with her 31-year-old longtime banker beau Alex Loudon.

According to the Sun, while Pippa and Alex's much-reported summer break was brief, this time, they're over for good after increasingly frequent arguments. The tabloid even goes so far as to say that Pippa sought solace with big sister Kate and Prince William in the wake of the split, visiting the couple at Balmoral last weekend.

While no one's confirming the split, Pippa and Alex certainly seemed happy together over the summer, when they went to one wedding or tennis match after another on each other's arms. Just a few weeks ago, the duo also sent tongues wagging when they engaged in a rare, smoochtastic PDA in the early morning hours after attending the Boodles Boxing Charity Ball.

However, if rumors of a split are true, Pippa probably won't be on the market for too long—there's certainly been no shortage of famous admirers for the bootylicious royal sis. After all, Justin Timberlake and Usher are just two of the superstars who've publicly aired their, um, appreciation of Middleton's assets.

Still, if Pippa is nursing a broken heart, she hasn't let it get in the way of her work ethic, as paparazzi haven't semed to miss a day of snapping away at the working girl on her daily morning commute. Of course, it's always possibly there's no broken heart there to nurse (believe it or not, British tabloids aren't always right. Crazy, we know).

Time will tell. Time, and Harry's travel plans.

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