Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, Park and Recreation

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Oh, Parks and Rec! What are you doing to our hearts?! We're supposed to be laughing, not clutching our pillows and rocking back and forth while we sob!

In our exclusive first look at next week's P.Rex, Ben (Adam Scott) comes into Leslie's (Amy Poehler) office to have a pretty heartbreaking conversation with his ex-girlfriend. And this little talk could change the course of our favorite not-a-couple-but-they-really-should-be forever…

Prepare yourself, Ben-Leslie fans, this clip will drive you to drink. We're already on our fourth Long Island iced tea and we're having trouble finding the right letters on the keyboard. So, just watch the clip below and we'll see you in the comments for a P.Rex grieving party.

Parks and Recreation airs Thursday nights on NBC.

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