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Rejoice, Twihards, ‘cause today is the Breaking Dawn, Part 1 premiere!

And while we've got plenty of vampy milestones to come—what with Bella tying the knot, losing her V-card, and getting knocked up all in one flick—we've had some good times in the past. Which is why we decided to get all nostalgic on you and countdown 20 of our fave scenes pre-B.D.

Shall we begin?

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While our mind is totally stuck in the gutter thinking about Bella and Edward getting it on (which, BTW, is not as steamy on the big scream as we'd have liked, but whatever), we realized that there's more to the movies than just smoochin' and sexy glances.

Shocker, we know!

So since we already gave you five steamy scenes leading up to the honeymoon romp, we decided to expand our focus and give you the best of the best when it comes to the undead, hunky werewolves, and...OK, we've still got some of those lovey-dovey scenes in here.

So take a peek at our gallery of the 20 best Twilight movie scenes, pre-Breaking Dawn, of course, and let us know what you think.

Did we leave out an amazing scene? Did we include a moment you totally could have done without? Sound off below!

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