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Dear Ted:
You're the only one I trust for all things gossip. However, your Brangelina prophecy hasn't panned out. A few years ago, you said that Angelina Jolie would dump Brad Pitt soon, but that hasn't happened. What gives? Keep up the great work!

Dear Brangelina Breakup:
You mean, why hasn't she dumped the only dude who can keep up with her brood and who obeys her every word? Oh wait, I think I just answered your question. Seriously, the guy adores her, still. She adores how he adores their brood. It's still a match made in breeder heaven! Still think it won't last forever, sadly enough. But thanks for the love, doll!

Dear Ted:
I just saw the Jimmy Kimmel video with Taylor Lautner talking about the Twi Moms and Team Taylor panties, and I quite enjoyed it! In the past, I always felt he came across in his interviews as someone who was trying too hard to impress or too polished. But in this interview, there was something very sexy about his mannerisms. Loving the scruff, too! What are your thoughts about the more mature Taylor? Do you think he will eventually surpass Robert Pattinson's likability?

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Dear Abducting Attention:
I agree, Taylor was especially charismatic in his Jimmy Kimmel interview, but R.Pattz also turned on the charm for his interview with Letterman. Highly unlikely Tay will surpass Rob's likability, especially if he keeps choosing projects that tank (R.Pattz ain't exactly clunker-free, to be fair). But Tay-Tay does have a chance at establishing himself as a solo star if he chooses his next projects very wisely and keeps his fans happy, as always.

Dear Ted:
What happened with Lea Michele on the Glee storyline? It's been five episodes of Season 3 and she didn't have a single solo. Even the new The Glee Project kids already have two solos. I find it strange since she's the female lead of the show (is she now?). What did she do to the Glee writers that granted this kind of storyline?

Dear On the Outs?:
No worries for her, B! Gal's got lots of great projects coming her way, and she certainly isn't losing her star status on Glee anytime this season. Ever think maybe they wanted to stop slave-driving the babe a little and give her a tad bit of a break? And remember, it's not the Lea Michele Show, so writers are just giving the other characters some time to shine. 

Dear Ted:
I saw recent pictures of Ms. Leighton Meester and her face looks a little fuller. She still looks beautiful, but I know that she is having some big momma drama. And could this be affecting her healthwise? I hope not, but it's understandable. I'll be waiting for your sage advice!

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Dear Unfortunate Gossip:
While Leighton certainly is having her fair share of family woes, rest assured that all is well with the Gossip Girl's health. Attribute the fuller face to a bad photo—something that can easily happen when a starlet's under a lot of stress. And best of luck to Ms. Meester; her family troubles are anything but gossipworthy. 

Dear Ted:
I think the title should be "Can Brett Ratner's Mouth Finish Taking Brett Ratner Down?"

Dear Big Mouth, Bigger Mistake:
Not a bad idea, A. Especially since his offensive remarks ultimately put him in his place. What do you think of him ditching his gig as Oscar producer?

Dear Ted:
Did you notice that LeAnn Rimes looked a lot healthier on the CMAs tonight?

Dear Yes:
I did, indeed. Good for her!

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