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Dear Ted:
OK, I am a big fan of Dianna Agron and love her beautiful voice. So imagine my surprise when the Glee Christmas CD songs were announced and no Dianna, not even in a group song, but several Glee Project wannabees taking over. Some have even speculated that due to Dianna's faith, she did not participate on the CD. Do you have any clue why she's not on the Christmas CD along with the rest of the Glee gang?
Feeling Scrooged

Dear Totally Scrooged:
Sorry doll, but Dianna opted out of Glee's Christmas album last year as well so it's not entirely shocking to me. And while she's kept her motivations to herself, I can tell you that it's got nothing to do with behind-the-scenes trouble.

Dear Ted:
Lately it seems that in both interviews as well as on Twitter, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith have become very flirty and complimentary of each other. Lea has even declared that she adores Cory and that he's "hers." Cory has said they are very close and he is so comfortable with her. Do you think this is for publicity? Just good friends? Or could their actually be something going on between them behind the scenes?

Dear Finchel in Real Life:
Sorry to let you down, C, but these two are just friends. And that's as far as it's going to go—even if they want you to think they're flirting may be the cherry on top. Lea is a great actress—have I mentioned that before?

Dear Ted:
I am a big fan of Kristen Stewart because she isn't like all the other female actresses in Hollywood. Yes, she may cuss like a sailor (but I think there are far worse things than that) but she seems very real, down to earth and humble. She may not be some Oscar-nominated actress and people question her acting skills, but I think with time (and learning) she can get really good. Ted, what type of movie role(s), should she go for and/or what directors do you think she should work with to take her career into the next level?

Dear Krisbian:
Kristen is making pretty smart decisions all on her own, babe. She does the big-money fare like Breaking Dawn—and does the best she can with what she's given—and then she gets her indie on to show off her acting chops. She's smart about the gigs she's getting, just look at the SWATH trailer. How badass does that movie look?

Dear Ted:
I love Robert Pattinson but when it comes to body parts, Ryan Reynolds takes the cake! And icing, too!

Dear Yummy:
You'll hear no argument from me, doll. And I love my R.Pattz too.

Dear Ted:
You asked us to pick between Cosmopolis and SWATH, so now you have to tell us: Which Robsten flick are you more excited about post Twilight? I would love to hear your opinion.

Dear R.Pattz vs. K.Stew:
It's a tough call. I'm seriously pumped for Snow White—for one, how deliciously wicked does Charlize Theron look in the flick? But Kristen has proven her box office cred, so I'll say Cosmopolis right now. If only to see if director Cronenberg wasn't blowing hot air when he talked about how fabulous Rob is in it.

Dear Ted:
How is Joe Jonas holding up after his album sales? Do he and his team realize the only way for success is if all three of the brothers attempt to make music together relatively soon?

Dear No More Jonas-ing Around:
Well, it's safe to say dude's certainly not celebrating over his album sales, but that can't keep Joe down. And he's not going to run back to his fam just yet—Joe wants to be a solo star, not part of a group.

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