Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson

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Dear Ted:
I was wondering if Pamela Anderson has ever had a Vice? She seems to be almost as popular a guess for a lot of your items as Jessica Simpson is.

Dear Blondes of a Feather:
Both chicas have some naughty secrets in their past, but surprisingly (or not) Jessica is way more known for her Vicey ways than Pam is. Plus, Pam's kinda out there about her less-than-saintly habits, whereas Jess makes sure her secrets stay just that.

Dear Ted:
I've heard some rumblings going around the net lately that there's been some kind of falling out between Darren Criss and a few members of the Glee cast over some combination of Vicey issues and jealousy. Is this just the usual nonsense?

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Dear Criss-Crossed:
Nothing particularly scandalous on the Vice front for Mr. Criss. The jealousy issue? Well, that may ruffle a few feathers. Kudos to Darren, though, he's got me très interested in Glee for the first time in like forever—or maybe it's just that new cutie Grant Gustin.

Dear Ted:
Got any Vicey dirt on Logan Lerman?

Dear Sugar and Spice:
Sorry, babe, but Logan is as innocent as he looks—which is kinda shocking since he's becoming a movie star… fast. But he takes after wallflower costars like Emma Watson instead of swashbuckling Vice star Orlando Bloom.

Dear Ted:
All this Jessica Simpson baby talk is making me wonder what her Vice is! Does it involve, sex, drugs or alcohol? Any combination of the three?

Dear Mommy Dearest:
A combination. But that's all I'm telling you.

Dear Ted:
I've seen many questions about Dianna Agron and Lea Michele, but does Naya Rivera have a Vice? Maybe a delicious one where she's not 100 percent straight?

Dear Girl-on-Girl Galore:
Funny, SuSu, usually it's Di and Lea that get pegged as the down-low lesbians. But to answer your Q: No, Naya leaves all her lady lusting on the boob tube. In real life she's into the fellahs.

Dear Ted:
Huge fan! Anyway I was wondering about my favorite fellow North Dakotan Josh Duhamel. He recently pulled off an amazing event in Minot, N.D., to help his hometown flood victims. Despite his do-gooder ways does he have a Blind Vice? And if so, does he star in one or just play second fiddle to a Vice? He seems so nice and sweet that I'd hate to think he does dirty deeds. Thanks!

Dear Family Values:
might be the diva out in public, but Joshy is the hell-raiser behind closed doors. That much is for sure.

Dear Ted:
Is Toothy Tile's baby still a secret or do more people know about it? Does the world know about it? Will Toothy announce that he has a baby or keep it secret until the child is 18?
withold name please

Dear Dirty Little Secret:
Why so mysterious, retracted reader? Whatever—T.T. isn't telling anyone about his bundle of joy anytime soon, trust me. And who says he will after the kiddo is 18 either? I surely didn't.

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