Nick Jonas Fills Us in on His Smashing TV Role! Plus, a Jonas Brothers Reunion?

Youngest of the JoBro trio expects the band to get back together "soon"

By Jenna Mullins, Leanne Aguilera Nov 11, 2011 10:20 PMTags

Who do you call when you need to cast someone to play a Broadway dreamboat on your new show? If you said "Ghostbusters," then you are awesome—but wrong.

Nick Jonas is who you call, which is exactly what the gang at NBC's highly anticipated new musical-dramedy Smash did. We recently sat down with the all-grown-up Jonas, and he was kind enough to give us a rundown of his role and what he thinks of the show. Plus, will the Jonas Brothers ever get back together?

We expect that everyone will really get into Smash, the show that gives a behind-the-scenes look into making a Broadway musical. We've seen the pilot, and we are in love. Well, now after learning about Nick Jonas' character, it's safe to say we're even more obsessed.

Nick reveals to us, "My character is a guy named Lyle West, who is a young celebrity, and he has just come into a bunch of financial success after his show has gone into syndication. Anjelica Huston is basically trying to get him to invest in the show she is producing called Marilyn."

And if you want to find Smash's No. 1 fan, look no further than Jonas, because he's straight-up gushing over it, even calling it "brilliant."

"I think [it's] just a brilliant concept and not something I've ever seen on television before," he says. "[My role] was definitely like art imitating reality. I was playing a young man, 20-ish years old, who started his journey on Broadway and that was his whole deal. It's got a real Entourage kind of vibe about it—which is cool, where everyone knows everyone."

So will we hear the sweet crooning of Nick while he's guesting on Smash? But of course! "I do a song on my own which is kind of a reworked version of [it]," he teases. "You'll have to see when it comes out, but it's an exciting kind of surprise."

And how about that family reunion? Get ready to squee with delight, JoBro fanatics, because Nick tells us it'll be "soon." Thank goodness! Now we can finally stop secretly watching scenes from Camp Rock 2 to deal with out J.B. withdrawal. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But don't expect a new album to just magically appear next month. Nick says the boys are easing into the process. "We‘re taking our time, making sure its right and that we are exactly where we should be in each of our individual paths so that we can come back together and have it be the right kind of thing."

Nick continues, "We're looking forward to it, we can't wait to record for our fans again and tour for them, and I'm really excited for that next step."

The new series Smash premieres February 6, 2012 on NBC.

Are you intrigued to watch Nick guest star in Smash? Excited about a new Jonas Brothers album? Let us know in the comments!