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Jackie Bouffant, still young, still beautiful, seems to have already run the Hollywood gamut in his brief career: boys, drugs, not to mention the requisite "beard." As in a red-carpet girlfriend he loves to trot out for the paparazzi and mainstream press.

But that was so yesterday.

Today, Jackie's got some totally homo cajones on him!

Just like Toothy Tile once sported the young man he adored, it looks like Jackie's showing off his, too! Hot!

At a recent very glitzy Hollywood event, Jackie was likewise very obvious. And trust us, Jackie's not a silly, stupid boy like Parrish Maguire, who doesn't always triple-check where he hooks up.

So what happened?

There Jackie was, A-list everybody all around him, hitting the top of the press line with his new boyfriend in tow. Only Mr. B. stopped just short of walking the carpet with cutie-pie BF, who has the most adorable curly coif and darling rosy cheeks.

Jackie, instead, had his dude walk around the carpet. And then guess what the TV and movie star did, once he finished walking the press line? He picked his boyfriend up at the end! It was totally like they were pulling some kind of playground game, too cute!

Only it was hardly grade-school stuff, once the newbie couple rejoined inside the party: With all the giggling and rubbing up against each other they were doing, who needed those outdoor heat lamps?

Funny thing, whenever an in-house photog tried to get Jackie and his man, the BF split faster than Brett Ratner chomps shrimp cocktail.

Smart man, he'll be by Jackie's side for years (or months) to come, we predict.

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