Brad Pitt Gets the Occupy Protest Movement: "People Are Feeling Screwed"

Actor touches upon lighthearted topics like the global financial crisis while promoting Moneyball in Japan

By Natalie Finn Nov 11, 2011 2:00 AMTags
Brad PittChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

So much for softball topics.

While Brad Pitt was in Japan this week to promote Moneyball, conversation easily turned from the cash spent to build a winning baseball team to the fragile state of the global economy and the Occupy protests crisscrossing the United States.

But the 1-percent-representing actor and philanthropist didn't just throw his support behind the protesters and call it a day. Pitt may not be the man with a plan—but at least he recognizes the need for a plan.

"I think what you're seeing in America is questioning a system that has not served us very well," Pitt told reporters in Tokyo. "A system that, I mean for example, is defined for corporate lobbyists instead of the best needs for the people and people are feeling screwed a little bit there."

Things aren't going to get any better, though, Pitt added, if those attacking the status quo don't bring anything more than slogans to the table.

"The most important thing is, really," he said, "not just getting swept up in the fervor of a fight. If you're feeling marginalized and frustrated, sometimes the release of a fight can pacify for the moment. But beyond that, really understanding the details, really understanding the systemic problems—and you can't stop there—really looking for solutions. And if you're going to say one guy's bad, you've got to back it up with 'This is how we fix it.'"

Well, if Pitt is ever in one city long enough to visit one of the Occupy protests, surely the crowd would love to have him.

In voicing his respect for the movement, the Oscar nominee joins an ever-growing list of high-profile (and, ironically, deep-pocketed) Occupy supporters, ranging from Pitt pal George Clooney to Big Apple loyalist Alec Baldwin to U.K. import Russell Brand.