Greys Anatomy


A tragic death that makes us cry rivers of tears. A shocking cliffhanger. And an episode that leaves more than one doctor's career hanging in the balance.

Yep, sounds like a midseason finale to us. What are the most alarming and heartbreaking moments from tonight's Grey's Anatomy that we just had to share with you? Find out now:

Seriously Stock Up on Tissues: Tonight's episode is one of those Five-Hanky Heartstring-Tuggers. And once you think you are done crying over the episode's most tragic death, cue more crying. The sooner you accept that you will be bawling tonight, the better. No shame, people. No shame. And hey, after tonight's episode, you can come back here for our Grey's Redux and we can all cry together.

Holy Cliffhanger Batman: Grey's Anatomy knows it's way around a heart-stopping cliffhanger, but this time it's a little different. It may not be a machine flat lining as we fade to black, but trust us, it's just as shocking. We finished the episode wondering, "What's going to happen next?" And two of our favorite (and original) docs are at the forefront of the drama.

Career Crisis: Not one, but two doctors' careers are in serious danger after a catatrophic mistake. Like so serious there is no way this won't have major ramifications in the New Year.

Baby Answers: In this hour, there is definitely an answer to the Zola question. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) finally hear from their baby broker and the answer might not be happily ever after. But we're not convinced the story is over yet. Please don't let the story be over yet!

Are you ready for tonight's heart pounding (and heartbreaking) episode of Grey's Anatomy? Get your tissues and your popcorn ready. And be sure to check back later for the Grey's Anatomy Redux and mandatory therapy session.

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