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Wocka, wocka...what the?

Step aside, Billy Crystal. Better luck next year, Neil Patrick Harris. If a certain online campaign has its way (and it's not like this type of thing is unprecedented), then the 2012 Academy Awards will be making a rainbow connection (which would actually work as a nice piece of symmetry) when a replacement host is chosen for would-be emcee Eddie Murphy.

That's because in the wake of the ceremony's one-two ouster, a momentum-accumulating Facebook and Twitter campaign has emerged, pushing Kermit, Miss Piggy and their whole Muppet gang as the frontrunners for this year's Oscars gig. Yes, you read that right.

Strange as it may seem, it's not that impossible of a notion.

After all, they do have a big movie coming out pre-Oscars, as most hosts tend to. And it would be a nice (controversy-free) decision, which would no doubt give the ceremony a dose of movie magic it's often criticized for lacking. And it's not like the hosting bar has been set so high in recent years, anyway.

Then there's the fact that Miss Piggy, at least, is already something of a veteran of the Oscars stage, having presented an Oscar alongside Johnny Carson back in 1980. She also presented alongside a tuxedo'd Kermit back in 1979.

While the logistics would obviously be up to Brett Ratner Brian Grazer, the fans have certainly seemed to cast their vote for the felt contingent.

A Facebook campaign, simply titled "The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars," already has more than 24,000 supporters. A Twitter feed, Muppet Oscars, has more than 9,000 followers (for some perspective on how fast this notion is gaining momentum, less than 24 hours ago it had under 2,000).

"The Academy Awards are a sacred American institution. Who better to host the 2012 Oscars than another American institution: The Muppets?" the campaign states, before going through a checklist of why, exactly, the Jim Henson creations would be perfect hosts.

"Song? No problem. Dance? No problem. Cameos? Of course. Humor? Um, did you see our picture of Kermit in a tux?

"It's hard to argue that any type of entertainment is more in line with the idea of the Oscars than the Muppets. It's also hard to find a person or group with a larger audience range than the Muppets. Their legendary campy humor is enjoyed by grandparents and grandchildren alike (and everyone in-between). Just imagine the possibilities!"

Plenty of fans already have, with makeshift campaign posters springing up online—and it's fueled the fire of the campaign.

"Until they announce a house, we're fighting!" tweeted @MuppetOscars. "Miss Piggy was born to rock the red carpet. #muppetoscars.

"#MuppetOscars!!! Let's make it happen!!! So excited by all the new support! Let's keep this momentum going #MuppetOscars in 2012!"

Somehow, we don't see that being a problem. After all, stranger things have happened. So watch this space.

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