Stehpen Amell, Hung

Lacey Terrell/HBO

Stephen Amell was thinking of having a trophy wall of sorts to commemorate his very naked gig on Hung.

It sure would have made one heck of a conversation piece, that's for sure...

You see, Amell had to strip down so much and so many times, he was left just wearing little pieces of fabric known in the idustry as "c--k socks" to cover his manhood during filming.

"I get super naked, so I made a joke that I was going to take them and nail them to the wall of my apartment," the hunky 30-year-old tells me. "Can you just imagine someone looking at them and saying, 'What is that?' "

Amell, who played werewolf Brady on Vampire Diaries, joined the show this season as a new male hooker who threatens to cut into Ray's business because he may be open to male clients.

"The most awkward thing from Hung is that in my audition, in a boardroom with a lot of executives watching, I had to simulate sex with a someone that I've just met for the first time. Once I got through that, I could get through anything."

That's not to say he enjoyed wearing the c--k socks. "When you're wearing one, you'd almost rather be naked because it's kind of embarrassing," Amell said. "You're just standing there in this thing and it's just super awkward."

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