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The Gleeks are truly taking over!

Glee's Kevin McHale and Damian McGinty were in the house at The X Factor's live performance show tonight and they were joined by a special guest: Damian's former costar on The Glee Project Cameron Mitchell!

So who were the Glee guys loving on tonight's show? And which contestant's feelings did Paula Abdul hurt? 

While Damian tweeted his love for Drew after the show, saying, "She killed It. I've run out of words for that girl," all the guys seemed to be loving 14-year-old rapper Astro. We even spied Kevin throwing up some Artie-esque hand gestures during Astro's performance of Eminem's "Lose Yourself." Kevin also tweeted about his favorite, simply saying, "ASTROOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Cameron also showed love for the rapper on Twitter, writing, "Loving my boy Astro," and later tweeting to judge L.A. Reid, "your boy astro is taking it all." 

Kevin and Cameron aren't Astro's only celebrity fans. You can also count Eminem himself, who had never given a reality singing competition permission to use one of his songs until tonight. "He said he watched me and likes that I'm doing rap on the show, so I was real excited," Astro told us. 

Astro's mentor Reid got in a bit of hot water with the audience after Stacy Francis' performance, which he didn't love, when he asked, "You really liked what she was doing? You guys gotta raise the bar!" Ouch! After receiving some boos, Reid saing, "I'm kidding! You don't gotta like me. You gotta like my contestants!" Good save, dude!

The audience's favorite judge? Mr. Simon Cowell! He praised the audience during the first commercial break saying, "You guys are so loud, I love it!" Later, when a male audience member hilariously begged for Cowell to look at him (ya had to be there!), our favorite Brit did one better: He brought the guy on stage and gave him a hug before asking his name (Trevor, by the way!) and who his favorite judge was ("Simon Cowell," obviously!). 

In the doghouse with Reid was Paula, who earned a few boos after dissing Drew's dress...which the 14-year-old revealed she designed. Whoops! After the show, we asked Drew how she felt about Abdul's comments. "At first, I was like, 'Ouch, that hurt!' But then I thought every girl has an opinion about every other girl's outfit," she said. "Paula saying what she believed, I look up to her for that because she didn't lie to me. It's nice to know that I'm not always going to get nice comments from the judges." 

What did you think of tonight's show? Are you loving Astro as much as the Glee guys? Do you think Paula Abdul was too harsh on Drew's wardrobe? Sound off in the comments!

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