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"Wanna be on top?" Um, duh, Tyra, that's the whole point.

And soon enough we'll get to see who claims the title of Top Model, but not yet.

After breaking some plates and cheering like giddy school girls, the ladies jet off to Greece (jealous!) where they worked with designer Michael Cinco, and were asked to pose in their undies.

Can you guess who had a problem with that? Yeah.

Yassou Greece: Upon arrival, the contestants met with J. Alexander and Vicky Kaya, host of Greece's Next Top Model, who informed the girls that there will be a press conference held especially for them and they'd need to prepare a short speech while flying to their final destination, Crete. The model with the best speech would win the challenge and receive a "very expensive" and exclusive piece of jewelry from one of the country's finest jewelers.

Public Speaking 101: Maybe one of the most important things when speaking to foreigners is to know their history! Poor Laura messed that up. A reporter asked which Greek goddess she'd be, and the country girl who'd never left the U.S. before this trip responded with, "Venus." Oops! That's Roman mythology! Although a lot of the models did well fighting off the crazy winds incorporating some Greek into their speeches, the winner was Allison! Look at her go!

Goddess Dressing: And this is how you know it's Top Model. While most women in the industry have to wait years before getting the chance to design their own runway outfit, these ladies got to do it now. They each had five minutes with Cinco to describe what they'd want their final runway dress to look like, going with the theme of "immortal goddess." Too bad only two of them will see their creation come to life.

Greek Salad: Well, this is interesting. As we said before, the ladies will be modeling underwear in their photo shoot. What we didn't say, is that they did this by posing in an oversize salad plate with a bunch of vegetables and bulks of feta cheese. We're serious. Of course, Shannon was not happy about this and clearly said, "I don't do underwear," to which one of the stylists said, "No offense, but it's easier to change the model than the prototype." Bam! That didn't budge Shannon's decision to not do the photo shoot.

Tossed: Who poses best with cucumbers and cheese? Dominique, who let that olive oil drizzle her sun-kissed bod and really did work it. Unfortunately, Shannon's fans might praise her for being true to her brand and morals, but the panel didn't think it was worthy of becoming America's Next Top Model and she finally got the boot.

Do you agree with the panel? Are you hungry now, too? Dish away in the comments!

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