The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Dear Ted:
Is Veronica Bee Stings Jennifer Lawrence? She's so pretty it seems almost impossible that she wasn't touched by a surgeon's knife. Am I on the right track?

Dear Genetically Blessed:
Jennifer's not a bad guess, but the gal is hardly the type to go under the knife. Remember how she uglied herself up for Winter's Bone? Girl isn't afraid to get down and dirty. But Veronica Bee Stings? Not so much. 

Dear Ted:
Do you think Nevis Divine will ever come out? Even when his fame tones down a little?
ND fan

Dear Divine Secret:
Doubtful, since so much of Nevis' fame stems from his hot guy status. And even if his celebrity standing cools off, he'll still be on the lookout for those types of roles, and we're guessing admitting to bisexuality might change his casting card. 

Dear Ted:
If I had asked you, say, a year ago, if Eddie Murphy had a Blind Vice, what would your answer have been?

Dear Blinding the Oscars:
Not necessarily. 

Dear Ted:
Two questions. One, assuming zero repercussions, your birthday wish is granted and you get one sinful night with one of your favorite Blind Vice players, who would it be? Two, again assuming zero repercussions, you get to expose a nasty Blind Vice player for who they really are as an additional birthday gift, who would it be? Regardless, hope your special day is sinful in all the right ways!

Dear A Blind Vice Kind of Birthday:
For a sinful night? I'd go with Crotch Uh-lastic. And to expose? Cruella St. Shackles, of course! But since neither wish is destined to come true, I'll just take a birthday cake. Thanks, doll!

Dear Ted:
Does Judas Jack-Off still have a jones for Dashed Dingle-Dream or is it more been there done that?

Dear Still Going Strong:
Judas is hardly over Dashed Dingle-Dream. Quite the opposite, actually.

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