Robert Pattinson's Reason for Becoming an Actor? "To Meet Girls"

Our favorite Twilight star reveals why he first began his acting career on Letterman

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Nov 09, 2011 10:45 PMTags

Trust, we've never pegged Robert Pattinson as a ladies' man, as he's always said how he's a one-woman kind of dude. 

But when Rob appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman last night, the super sexy star revealed he first began his acting career with hopes of...picking up girls. 

Uh, guess that worked out for ya, Rob, didn't it.

"I wanted to meet girls," admitted the hunky Twilight star. "People said, ‘Go join sports!' But I thought all the girls were in the drama class."

Smart move, R.Pattz, especially since your acting chops have helped you land some of Hollywood's hottest gals. 

So, what else did our favorite dude dish about with Letterman? Noisy New Yorkers, screaming fans and choosing the best disguises to avoid being recognized.

But we especially loved when Rob schooled old-timer Dave in the Twilight fan mania and corrected Mr. Letterman when he suggested the fan base was mostly teenage girls:

"It's older than people realize...and the older ones are the far more passionate fans," said Rob coyly.   

So, Rob, does this mean you've had any Team R.Pattz panty experiences like your pal Taylor Lautner?

Oh, we seriously hope so. 

And since Rob was totally stumped when Dave asked him why people respond so well to vampires, we're glad D.L. could quickly provide an acceptable answer:  

"Maybe it's not the vampire at all, maybe it's you."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

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