Pippa Middleton Doll, Kate Middleton Doll
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And here we thought Kate Middleton had no bad angles.

Well, she still doesn't, but the latest collectible doll inspired by her likeness (and we use that term very loosely) seems to have nothing but them. As for sister Pippa Middleton, heralded for possessing the finest rear view in all the land?

Yeah, she didn't fare much better.

In fact, if the new action-figure dolls, unveiled this week by Hero Builders, are anything to go by, then the media has been keeping a watchful eye over the wrong body parts of these otherwise lovely ladies.

While Pippa is obviously famed for her derriere, and, at least this week, all eyes have been on Kate's midsection, it turns out it's the girls' arms we should really have been keeping tabs on, as the biceps (not to mention blindingly white oversized teeth and proportionally thick necks) are by far the dominant traits on these dolls.

In fact, if we didn't know any better, we'd swear they just stuck a dress and a wig on Ken and called it a day, but then, they'd never do that, right?

Especially not when they're charging $189.95 a pop for Kate in what they're deeming a handmade replica of her wedding dress (so Sarah Burton isn't immune from the homage, either).

In any case, it makes Pippa, in her own Alexander McQueen wedding creation, a positive steal at just $49.95. A steal and a shame.

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