Selma Blair Used to Sleep at Shelter but Wore...Versace?!

Once-homeless actress says instead of paying rent she saved enough money to buy a designer dress

By Cristina Gibson Nov 09, 2011 8:25 PMTags

Selma Blair must have been the best-dressed homeless person ever.

At last night's Versace for H&M collection party, the actress told E! News that she bought her first Versace dress while living at a homeless shelter.

"My first Versace piece was a red velvet overall minidress," she said last night. "I was basically homeless, living in the Salvation Army in New York City. I was 21 years old, and I saved all up my money [for the designer dress] that I should have saved up for rent at the Salvation Army."

Thanks to the new collection, now everybody can afford to wear the designer's duds, which fellow guests Jessica Alba and Jennifer Hudson gushed over.

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"Every woman should feel what it's like to wear Versace, and now they can!" Jessica told E! News, adding that Donatella Versace personally helped dress her for the Oscars.

Jennifer Hudson's favorite Versace moment was also at the Oscars, but it wasn't the dress she wore when she won an award.

"My favorite was my dress from the Oscars last year," she shared.

Stylish guests such as Blake Lively and Chace Crawford caught a special performance by Nicki Minaj and Prince inside the party.

It's a busy week for Minaj, who performs at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC tonight, too.

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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