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Mariah Carey is unleashing her best debut yet—her rockin' postpregnancy bod poured into a bright-red vintage Halston dress today in New York.

The new mom of 7-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe has dropped major pounds since she popped out "dem babies" and is showing off her svelte new figure.

Oh, and she's getting paid to pose too.

Mariah Carey, Jenny

PRNewsFoto/Jenny Craig

Mariah is working with Jenny Craig, now officially known as just Jenny, as the company's new Brand Ambassador, and says she dropped 30 pounds by following their diet and exercise program. Mimi doesn't know her exact weight, though, because she won't let the Jenny execs tell her as they keep track.

The "Honey" singer started on the program in late July, just three months after she had the twins. 

"Jenny approached me after three other companies approached me," Mariah said. "I was a pregnant wreck."

Blaming too-big portions during her pregnancy, she was well on her way to being back in tip-top form when she was snapped over the summer revealing her postpregnancy bod for the first time as she left her New York City apartment building.

"I cooked soul food for Nick [Cannon] my entire pregnancy," she said. "I wasn't so much overeating, maybe the portions weren't what they were meant to be."

Mariah, who had been hiding her body while pregnant, has since been spotted doing all sorts of physical activity in order to drop the extra baby pounds.

She was spotted over the summer getting some workout help form her beloved Jack Russell dogs as she tweeted a picture of herself "jogging puppystyle." She posted another vacation picture showing her swimming in a one-piece bathing suit, tweeting, "Ocean work out!"

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