Taylor Lautner Talks "Dangerous" Twi-Moms and Their Team Taylor Panties!

Breaking Dawn star appears on Jimmy Kimmel and talks his crazy fans

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Nov 08, 2011 10:45 PMTags

Just a typical day in Twilight-land...if you're Taylor Lautner, that is. 

So, what did the gorgeous werewolf have to say about his dedicated delusional fans when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night?

Let's just say some Twi-moms had their panties up in a bunch...

In case you needed any clarification, Taylor spells out the various categories of Twilight mania:

"There are teenage girls, but we also have separate divisions of fans, maybe even more passionate are Twi-moms. And then we do have on rare occasion, but they are pretty passionate themselves, the Twi-guys," jokes Lautner as he points to a fellow Twi-guy in the audience.

Tell us something we don't know, Tay. Anyone who lives, eats and breathes Twilight knows the moms are pretty much the center of the mania. And Taylor fully agrees, calling the Twi-moms "very dangerous."

So, now that we've categorized the crazies, what did Mr. Lautner have to say about his first encounter with a Twi-mom?

After recounting the woman's Jacob-obsessed mannerisms, T.L. reveals her odd request while signing autographs for his fans:

"She is like, ‘Taylor, I am wearing the Team Taylor panties right now. Is there any way I can get them off so you can sign them?" recalls Lautner. "I would have done it, but security was like, there is like no way your panties are coming off, ma'am."

Is it sad that we must say color us not surprised?

Then again, since Stephenie Meyer is so over vampires, perhaps the gal could use her imagination and pen a novel on all the Twi fans?

Hey, Steph, if you're paying attention, just remember to check out our message boards for your first round of research.