Blind Vice diva

Dear Ted:
What is happening with Veronica Bee-Stings? Last we heard, she was sharing her surgically enhanced goods with some married Hollywood men. Is this still her game, and in the end, how has the "mistress" move turned out for her? I can only presume it'll be headed down after some plays like that. No wife likes competition, and like you said, established actresses are trying to take her down.

Dear Bee-Keeper:
Sorry to disappoint, doll, but Veronica's not only doing just fine, she wised up enormously. VBS pretty much stays away from the married dudes these days because she actually discovered the ones who aren't give so much better press, which is what she desires most, in the end, anyway.

Dear Ted:
I keep hearing rumors that the person I suspect to be Jackie Bouffant may have a new girlfriend. What can you tell us about Jackie's love life?

Dear Nice Try:
You've got the wrong sex but the right suspicion. He has moved on to fresh territory, mazel tov!

Dear Ted:
With all the Justin Bieber paternity drama, I would assume that GF Selena Gomez is pretty affected. But can you tell how affected she is? Is she positive that her boy didn't father Maria Yeater's baby, or is she worried he did?

Dear Baby Mama Drama:
Camp Biebs has been pretty adamant that he's never even met Yeater, and I'm sure he's singing the same tune to Selena. Count on it. Even though the couple seem very much together as seen at this past weekend's EMAs, trust she's waiting on that paternity test just like the rest of us—just to be 100 percent.

Dear Ted:
Can somebody please tell Dina Lohan to shut up? There were reports that she was bossing around Hugh Hefner at her meal ticket Lindsay's Playboy shoot! First of all, Hef has been doing his thing since before Dina was born, and why the hell was Dina looming over Lindsay like a creep?

Dear Tell Me Something I Don't Know:
Because Dina Lohan has been a stage-five stage mom since Lindsay booked The Parent Trap, and that's not changing any time soon. After all, she's made a career of doing this with all of Lindsay's past agents (a prime reason they're past), so what makes you think she'd stop with H.H.?

Dear Ted:
The issue with Lovato-Valderrama fling isn't the age gap in itself. It's the fact that this guy is a dog who has even publicly bragged about his conquests. It gives me the creeps that he's now preying on this already troubled teen who may not realize what she's getting herself into!

Dear Lovaterrama:
Demi's admittedly had her share of problems, but she's not a kid anymore, and only she knows if this relaysh is healthy. Even you just called it a "fling," so maybe that's all it will ever be.

Dear Ted:
In every Twi promotion poor Taylor Lautner has to play third wheel to the Robsten relaysh fanfare, but he always handles it with such class. How does he do it?

Dear Third Wheeling It:
By admitting defeat. And you're right, Taylor's a class act. But seriously, the Twilight films were the best thing that ever happened to Tay's career, so we're guessing he's gonna ride that gravy train until it stops and keep his pretty little mouth in agreement in the meantime.

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