Kyra Sedgwick

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Green Is Universal - Nov 2011

Kyra Sedgwick isn't just making her way onto the green scene.

The Closer star is a veteran of the eco-friendly movement. So just how many decades has the actress been crusading on behalf of the planet?

Try more than 20 years!

"My green consciousness began at the birth of my first child 22 years ago," Sedgwick recently told us. "There was a moment where it was on Time magazine—global warming, what is the green house effect?"

That's when she took action.

"The fact is that we have to do everything we can to protect our natural resources, and that means being really loud and really clear," she said. "And any social change that has had any effect in the United States has been a people-powered movement. We have to be a people-powered movement."

We hear you loud and clear, Ms. Sedgwick!

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