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In case you've been up nights wondering whether or not teen bride Courtney Stodden has fake breasts, we've got some news.

The 17-year-old target of every plastic surgery rumor in the book underwent an ultrasound on camera for Dr. Drew Pinsky's Lifechangers to prove, once and for all, that she doesn't implants.

And so what if all the doctors in the room thought otherwise?!

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"There's normal breast tissue, which is forming the substance of most of the middle of that picture, and then I can see the outline of her muscle," said plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz, gesturing to the image on the screen set up in the Lifechangers studio. "There was some circular thing there, I'm not sure though if that's..."

"Yeah, I feel a circular object," a nurse agreed.

"It looks like it's under the muscle, too," chimed in Pinsky. "So, there's our implant."

"Somebody must have drugged me up, put me under their surgery knife," laughed Stodden, lifting her head up from the table, "because I've had no surgery done."

So, Diaz agreed to examine the image more closely, while the nurse took a closer look at the actual breast, as well.

"That's all normal tissue we're looking at there, up at the top," Diaz said, sounding surprised. "So I guess she was telling the truth, she doesn't have an implant!"

"Is there a relief to finally set the record straight?" Pinsky asked Stodden, who has repeatedly denied having fake boobs, a fake chin, a fake nose, fake hair, etc.

"It is, yes," she replied. "Thank you."

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