Kris Humphries


What does one do after taking part in an elaborate wedding with one of the biggest reality stars in the industry, which ultimately ends with divorce papers 72 days later?

In Kris Humphries case, nothing out of the ordinary.

The NBA star may be "sad" about the split, but Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be former hubby is staying focused. At the gym, that is.

On Oct. 25, six days before realizing his marriage was kaput, Humphries tweeted, "Just got a great workout in! Back on the grind," and today, we see that nothing's changed.

This past weekend, Humphries received a last-minute visit from Kardashian, who jumped on a flight to the North Star State shortly after returning from her cut-short trip to Australia.

It was the couple's first bit of face time since Kim's divorce filing was announced, but it was also a brief visit. Kim was back in Los Angeles Sunday night.

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