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A big death is coming. A fan-favorite romance is decidedly un-dead. And someone is going alllll the waaaay!

OK, so that last tease is ridiculously easy to figure out if you've been paying attention to this here column during the past week. But as proof we do care about other shows (no, really!), we also have the latest scoop on Revenge, Gossip Girl, and Once Upon a Time. Plus, a slew of other shows like Fringe, New Girl, Cougar Town, American Horror Story, Dexter, Secret Circle, True Blood...the list goes on!

So dig in...

Monique: Once Upon a Time is my new fave show!! Please, any info you have! Give us something juicy!
Sheriff Graham (Jaime Dornan) is definitely a well-known storybook character. Guesses? Also, I'm hearing of a big death in the works for one of the major characters. It surprised me! Sleuth it out among yourselves in the comments, people!

AlwaysEachOther: Any chance u guys have a clue as to who will be cast to play Belle on #OnceUponATime? She's my favorite princess!
Ours, too! We haven't heard who will be playing the literature-lovin' princess yet, but we can tell you her episode will reveal a lot about Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and Gaston will also make an appearance. Tom Welling for Gaston, anyone?  We can only dream…

Hannas in Commerce, Calif.: Scoop on American Horror Story! News about Tate, please!
You think Tate was creepy before? Just wait until this week's episode. Do not, we repeat, do not miss the opening of "Piggy, Piggy." It's another flashback—this time to 1994—and we'll find out exactly what Tate did to those high school kids who were tormenting him in the Halloween episode. The sequence is equal parts terrifying and heartbreaking, and Evan Peters manages to be frightfully unsettling without uttering a single word. You'll have chills for a week. And to those who think Tate killed himself: Think again.

AxidLara: Got any dish on ghosts we haven't seen yet on American Horror Story?
Well, he's not a ghost (or is he?), but the security officer that Vivien (Connie Britton) hired to keep the house safe will definitely be haunting Ben. We've been speculating for the past few weeks that there was something between Vivien and the handsome Luke (Morris Chestnut), and this next episode definitely fans the flames of suspicion.

GLEE, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss

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kitty-kate85: How will the Kurt/Blaine dynamic change as a result of this week's upcoming episode?
We asked Chris Colfer that very same question, and here's what he had to say: "I think they are more in love than ever before, and I think they're both glad they had that experience with each other." But Colfer also revealed that the Sebastian sitch is far from over, and he's actually happy to see some tension between Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss). "I was really excited when the whole Sebastian thing came along because I was so excited to have a storyline with a little drama between the two!" Who doesn't love high school drama? Keep it comin', Glee!

Shahnaz17: anything to do with Rachel Berry. please. I don't ask for much.
Didn't you just ask us for 20 bucks—was that you? We're on to you. Anyway, just know that Rachel (Lea Michele) is breathtaking as Maria in West Side Story on this week's Glee, and the support she gives her boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith) is really endearing.

Bergenfluff: Did you like the Kurt/Karofsky scene? And will there be more Karofsky soon?
Not only did we like Karofsky (Max Adler) popping up in this week's episode, but Colfer told us that Kurt and his former bully having a chat was one of his favorite scenes in "The First Time." As for your second question, that will be revealed in part two of our interview with Chris, so check back tomorrow! Here's part one if you missed it.

Saviegleek: On a degree of 1 to Youtube kitten, how cute is Klaine's First Time?
It's as cute as this.

munoz_laura: Are we going to meet any of Santana's relatives on Glee soon?? Thanks!
Yep! We'll get to meet her grandmother in an upcoming episode. Oh, and we also saw they're casting "Pickles the Clown." Yo, Eric Stonestreet, line up, buddy! You're already in cahoots with Ryan Murphy (this week's American Horror Story) and no one can clown it up better.

Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley


Theresa: Gossip Girl: I am so sick of all the Chuck and Blair news. Please anything anything on Dan and Blair? They are my only reason for watching at this point!
I am hearing that the feelings will come back, for at least one of them. Who do you think it is? The comments are yours for the taking, my friends!

d_an0nymouz: Anything on Barney/Robin goodness during this November sweeps? #HIMYM
In next week's episode, both Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) will be keeping secrets. But not from each other. They're keeping secrets from Nora and Kevin, which will put Barney and Robin in an "uncomfortable situation." What could those two be hiding? Speculate away!

Jody in Crown Point, Ind.: I know True Blood is starting up again soon. Got anything?
Gold stars for keeping track of TB's shooting schedule! "Three more weeks and we're baaack!" Janina Gavankar sings to us. "We just got out first script. It is intense. As you can imagine, stuff goes crazy right off the bat!" Unfortunately, that's pretty much all we got out of her, since True Blood loves to keep their spoilers secret…even from the cast! "They tell us nothing," she admits. "We actually have no idea. All I can promise is drama right off the top."

Jake in Seattle, Wash: Grimm! What new monsters can we expect this season?
Oh, what a wicked web Grimm weaves! We are really intrigued about a future episode which features Lena, a beautiful yet terrifying "Black Widow" creature who is cursed with a disease that causes her to age rapidly. The only cure to stop the aging? Kill three young men in three days by sucking the life out of them. Eek! But here is where the show really gets interesting: When Lena isn't preying on the innocent, she is driving a minivan to soccer practice and enjoying a simple suburban lifestyle. Makes you think twice about your neighbors, huh?

James Lafferty, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Shannonxo: Secret Circle goodness in the way of black john scoop please?
You may be asking, "Who the heck is Black John?!" right about now. While TV viewers know him as John Blackwell, fans of L.J. Smith's book series know and love to hate him as Black John. "We might incorporate a character like Black John," executive producer Andrew Miller coyly tells us. "He might be renamed." So yes, John Blackwell definitely equals Black John, and if you're read the books, you know the character is pure evil. Basically Black John is to TSC what Klaus is to The Vampire Diaries. Oh, and for casting, may we suggest Jason Behr? You're welcome, world!

lindsx11: anything & everything Secret Circle…please?!
Wow, that's a tall order. How about that Cassie (Britt Robertson) will begin looking into her past, namely her mysterious (and most definitely evil) father John Blackwell? "We're going to see Cassie looking through books and go through a whole thing of who her mother was and what her mother did," Robertson tells us. "It's like, I can only imagine where she'll go with her father. She needs to know who she is at heart and what makes her who she is."

Georgie: One Tree Hill scoop please!
Haley and Dan team up to find Nathan.

elisainthesky_: Something about One Tree Hill finale?
Just prepare to buckle up. When we were on-set, they were halfway through the season, and Shantel VanSanten revealed to us that even castmembers don't know what will happen on OTH! "I have no idea where we're even going. Every episode I feel like I just got off a rollercoaster," she says. "When I get done reading it I'm like, "What?!" I actually end up reading it two or three times in a row. I'm just in shock about some things, but I always hope for happy endings." Happy endings in Tree Hill? It happens sometimes.

New Girl photo, Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson


Helen: I am in love with Nick and Jess on New Girl! Tell me there is hope for them!
For now, no. But we are holding out hope! Jess (Zooey Deschanel) will try to become friends with Nick's (Jake Johnson) girlfriend Julia (Lizzy Caplan), but Julia isn't interested.

Sarah: What can you tell us about Shelby, Winston's new love interest on New Girl?
It doesn't start out swimmingly for those two. Winston (Lamorne Morris) crashes and burns with Shelby (Kali Hawk) on their first date. Hardcore. Not even shooting hoops saves him. And he used to play professional basketball! He might be a doomed man.

Delaney in Mission Viejo, Calif: On Pan Am, I was shocked to see Laura with a new guy last night! She's supposed to be with TED!!
Cool your jets, girl! It looks like you and Margot Robbie are on the same page. "I was really surprised too, because I thought that they were definitely going to make that storyline happen first," she tells us. "But Laura and Ted (Michael Mosley) kind of rekindle that in future episodes. In fact, in the next episode there is a lot more of Laura and Ted love interest storyline. It's so sweet and it's so fun." Yay!

mrisj2: What's up with [Spoiler Alert] on Dexter?
Don't read any further if you're not up to date on this show, but…Did someone say "road trip"? Oh yeah, that was Rudy (aka Brian aka the Ice Truck Killer), who lives (ahem) up to his name riding shotgun when Dex drives to Nebraska. He's either craving a genuine Omaha steak—or the Trinity Killer has resurfaced. Another ghost? Nope. (It's complicated.)

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

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Hale in Las Vegas, Nev.: Vote for Knope! Spoilers on Parks and Rec?
How does Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) win over the voting public? With bowling, duh! But in this case, she's trying to win over just one person: a man who said he wasn't voting for her because she wasn't someone he'd like to bowl with. And that is something that does not sit well with our dear Leslie.

@the1nonlunisha: It seems like Hart of Dixie is moving away from zooey and george any chance they'll revisit that?
We've got scoop on that! Minus the Zoe (Rachel Bilson) part… Later this season, we're going to see George (Scott Porter) seriously butting heads with someone, and surprisingly it's not Lemon (Jaime King). Introducing: Lawrence Lee, an extremely competitive and arrogant lawyer who clashes with George both in the courtroom and during a fierce game of Pictionary. His wife is Delia Ann, head of the Blue Bell Historical Society so we're just going to assume that Lemon will want to smooth out these conflicts asap!

jck Lost: Any scoop on Fringe??!
Might be the time to return the gift you bought for Peter's (Josh Jackson) Welcome Home party, because it isn't happening anytime soon. Only time will tell whether he'll be sharing pancakes with Walter (John Noble) and Olivia (Anna Torv) again—and we don't have much faith in time on Fringe.

Nick Wechsler, Revenge


Fatherdowling: when is Jack going to get an actual love interest on #Revenge?
Something, or someone, tells us we've already met her. And that someone is Joshua Bowman who says, "There is going to be an introduction to another character, and I don't know if that is going to make it into a love square but it is definitely going to put a spin on the works." Our guess? Jack (Nick Wechsler) is going to take an interest in the real Emily Thorne (Margarita Levieva) who just came into town. Ruh-roh!

Stacy: Revenge is my new guilty pleasure. got a scoop for me?
It's our guilty pleasure too, just minus the whole guilty part. It's that awesome. Prepare for a major rift to occur between Daniel (Bowman) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) in next Wednesday's episode. "There is a huge showdown because she does something very nasty," Bowman teases. "She does something to Emily (Emily VanCamp) to pull on me to confront her in a serious level, and it wasn't good. It wasn't cool. I can't say what it is, but it has to do with Frank (Max Martini)." Color us intrigued!

BLehmanDC: When (and how) is Tyler going to "get his" on Revenge?
Sorry to break it to ya, but we think Tyler (Ashton Holmes) is going to be around for a little longer. The good news? He's so much fun to hate and Daniel is on to him. "Tyler is really taking a grip of my dad and he's starting to weasel his way in," Bowman says. "I am going to put a stop to that you'll see over the next three or four episodes." Go Daniel!

Reagan: Anything on Cougar Town?
Sarah Chalke comes back in the fourth episode as Travis' teacher. Bobby (who poses shirtless and looks hot, by the way) falls for her without even meeting her. And then, you know, he does meet her.

Up All Night

Trae Patton/NBC

Olivia in Carbondale, Colo: Scoop about new favorite comedy Up All Night?
It's been 6 weeks since Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett) were alone with each other so they decide it's time to check into a hotel and get their freak on…at a homecoming. Get your mind outta the gutter! Plus Jason Lee guest stars as Kevin, the #1 guy to call on the Brinkley contact list. How prestigious! 

Alexis in Brea, Calif: Suburgatory is my Wednesday night go-to! Any new news?
Word on the perfectly manicured streets is that Suburgatory is looking for a celeb DJ to guest star on an upcoming episode. Just imagining DJ Pauly D anywhere near a Chatswin High dance automatically makes us giddy with all of the Jersey Shore references they could include. Better start practicing your fist-pumps suburbanites!

Riley in Akron, Mich: Last weeks episode of Suburgatory was funny, I want my school to start a Clarisonic Face Brush Fundraiser for Florida! What else is coming up?
We all know that a well-balanced meal at Chatswin High consists of an Altoid and Red Bull, (Yum!) but what happens when you crave a bit more? We're soon going to meet Arielle, student body president and a mean-girl in Dalia's (Carly Chaikin) clique who falls from grace when she gains a few pounds. Hopefully Tessa (Jane Levy) can talk some sense into these students without sparking another crazy charity event. Hmm…although something like "Twinkies for Tulsa" could be worth a giggle.

Kristin: Do you have any earth-crushingly adorable scoop on a couple from old shows that aren't even airing any more?
Breaking news: One of my favorite Brothers & Sisters actors just texted me today to tell me that she ran into Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez picking out towels together. It's nice that Kiele isn't buried alive on Lost island and all, but it's kind of hard not to hate her when she's getting' serious with Julie Taylor's man! I know what you're thinking: Why didn't this item make the headline up top?! Well, consider it your reward for reading all the way to the bottom. You are welcome.

--Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Leanne Aguilera

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