Kristen Stewart

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Dear Ted:
I understand Kristen Stewart is supposed to be very close with her mom, if so, why do we never see her mom at premieres or anything like that? I've only seen her dad in attendance. What's up with that?

Dear Dina Lohan Factor:
Jules Mann-Stewart is not about to horn in on her daughter's fame, like that Long Island horror mother, so her absence from K.Stew's photographs is precisely evidence of that fact. Even though Jules, a filmmaker herself, and Kristen were going to work together at one point, it didn't come pass. That doesn't mean it won't happen in the future, in fact, I'm certain it will. And that's the only red carpet you'll see mom and daughter on!

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Naya Rivera and Heather Morris? They were like best buds when the show started, and now I rarely see any pics of them together? Is this the result of a bustup, a PR move because they play each other's ladyloves or do I just have an overactive imagination?

Dear Maybe All of the Above?
Look, the only Gleeite who really seems to have sustained and survived a Naya friendship is Lea Michele. Which, one could argue, is largely because they're essentially the same person. So, in short, most folks don't last very long with Naya, Heather included, because the babe's just too much of a Latin powerhouse!

Dear Ted:
How is it that Blake Lively is always getting "auditions" for serious dramas? I understand that Lively is pretty, and yes, that goes a long way in Hollywood, but how long will it take for her to realize that insignificant rom-coms are her best bet for the future? When will her overzealous publicity team cool it on the Blake-is-amazing bull. Don't get me wrong, I quite like her. I think she has awesome hair and a bright future in the fashion world, but in Hollywood? Not so much. Maybe I just don't have an eye for talent. But help me out, Ted, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!

Dear With Fans Like You:
"Don't get me wrong, I quite like her..." Oh, really? Could have fooled me. If you really were a fan of Blake, I doubt you'd be raising the question of her talent, which is not small. Sure, she may appear, at times, to just be dating her way through the matinee-idol food chain, but I really do think something very cool, very blonde and very sustainable (big-screen-wise) is there. Otherwise, never would have compared her to Grace Kelly.

Dear Ted:
I finally caught Love & Other Drugs, and the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway was steamy! Yes, I know they're pals and actors, but I don't think passion can be totally faked (see: any movie where Hugh Jackman has had to kiss a woman). What's the deal there? Just comfort and connection between two friends or could there be even a hint of more, even if just fleeting?

Dear Hugh Hater:
Uh, why so hard on Jackman? I think Jake's had just as many babe misses as has hottie Hugh (if not more—Rendition and Prince of Persia, anyone?). But yes, there genuinely was something extra between Hathaway and Gyllenhaal in Love. Like, Anne, was as gaga for nudie Jakey as the whole rest of the world, and who can blame the girl?

Dear Ted:
If some guy has a nice beard for a lovely fake relationship that most fans buy, does the fake wife or girlfriend (who must be getting something on the side or from somewhere, right?) ever turn up with an accidental bun in the oven? What happens then? Does everyone pretend it is a result of the public fake relationship? A quickie divorce or breakup? How do people handle the collision of serious real-life into the public pretend world? Thanks.
Reality Lover

Dear Harsh Reality:
Even though there have been rare exceptions of stars raising kids not their own, the result is usually abortion.

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