Was 21 Jump Street this funny back in 1987?

Well, unintentionally, yes, but the feature-film remake busting into theaters next year is definitely going for the more obvious laughs.

In the first trailer from the Superbad-meets-Never Been Kissed-meets 48 Hours buddy comedy, we see Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, fresh out of the academy, join a unit that consists of fellow young cops who, like them, could pass for high school students. (Or so their captain, played by Ice Cube, says.)

Hey, it worked for Johnny Depp! Speaking of which...

While Depp has a plus-size cameo in the film, the studio is keeping the "there he is!" moment a mystery for now.

Instead, we've got Hill, Tatum (this is another movie his muscles look quite good in, thank you), Scott Pilgrim's Brie Larson as a fellow cop, Dave Franco as a big man on campus who just might be pushing drugs and The Office's Ellie Kemper as a teacher who sparks with Tatum.

There were plenty of good one-liners to tickle our funny bones, but we wouldn't mind seeing a shot of Officer Tom Hanson looking all grown up the next time around.

21 Jump Street is due out March 16.

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