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While Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—uh, we mean Bella and Edward—are worrying about things like, ya know, Bella not dying, Nikki Reed's Rosalie gets to be on mommy duty for the newborn baby.

So when we caught up with N.R. at the Breaking Dawn press junket, we had to ask the newly married chick what it was like to get some cuddle time with baby Renesmee. And she told us it was kind of, well, violent...

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"We worked with a mechanical baby at different points in time," Nikki told us about the tough-mama love she got. Reed was her usual gorgeous, direct self, per usual (and maybe a tiny bit more composed than K.Stew was at the Breaking Dawn junket...certainly less fidgety).

"So there would be a man sitting down at my ankles pressing a button and the hand would move up and sometimes it would grab my eye and then pull and then the hair goes down and I'm like ‘This was not part of the scene.'"

Well what do you expect, Nik? The vamp baby nearly crushed Bella from the inside out—it certainly has some aggression issues. But we're glad your gorgeous mug survived the ordeal.

But as for the real babies the flick used as stand-ins for Bella and Edward's bundle of joy? They weren't as punchy.

"We had some great babies, the real ones," Nikki said with relief. "They didn't cry as much as they could have."

But just because a few flesh and blood babies weren't trying to poke her eye out doesn't mean that Nikki and her new hubby, Paul McDonald, are looking to get preggo anytime soon.

"I do like babies. I've always loved babies," Nikki told E!'s Jason Kennedy during the junket. "I don't know if I could have a baby."

Like now or ever, Nikki?!

Nikki continues: "It's weird with women. You kind of do hold a baby and you're like ‘Oh my gosh, this is beautiful. It feels right. It feels like I'm supposed to be holding a baby.' And then I think about the bills that need to be paid. And the diarrhea. And I think, ‘Maybe I could wait.' "

We always knew you were one of the smartest of the Twilight crew, Mrs. McDonald.

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