Snow White

Relativity Media

Sweet fairy-tale truth! We can finally stop referring to Lily Collins' Snow White flick as The Untitled Snow White Movie.

Because Relativity announced today that they've landed on a new name for Kristen Stewart's S.W. competition film. So what's the title? Mirror Mirror, of course. And we cannot wait to see Julia Roberts's deliciously bitchy queen say the same thing.

But what say you: Did Mirror Mirror just get a leg up on the competition?

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‘Cause who says you can't judge a movie by its title?

We sure are. And we think so far it has worked out perfectly for these two films in partick. See, Snow White and the Huntsman totally evokes the badassness that we know the movie will possess (heck, if Kristen Stewart is over in London punching out dwarfs, we can't wait to see what other booty kickin' she'll do).

And Mirror Mirror has that whole whimsy vibe that the pics released from the flick totally, well, mirror. Instead of armor and ass whooping, Lily seems to be playing a Snow closer to the original material.

Just glammed out times, like, a gajillion.

Which film's title totally grabs your interest? Do you dig Mirror Mirror, or are you totally down with the Huntsman?!

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