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Dear Ted:
Thanks for the Nevis Divine update! Barrington sure sounds like a sweetie. About the "slutty beard" that he hooked up with...Is she strictly a beard, or was Barr getting a little action from her as well? And does she have a B.V. moniker of her own?

Dear  The Hairy Details:
He is bisexual, after all, so why not get a little lustin' at the end of the night after having to put up with his très neurotic chica. And there are no jealousy issues; Nev gets some from his lady when he wants, and Nev does too. How very cosmopolitan.

Dear Ted:
Which of the Gossip Girl guys do you think has the most scandalous Vices? Penn Badgley seems like a D-bag in his interviews (bitter over his breakup with Blake Lively, perhaps?). Chace Crawford just seems like a goofy, good boy. Ed Westwick seems to have the most mystery though, which is why I'm inclined to think he must be the Viciest. Do you agree?

Dear Gossip Cop:
Sounds like you're describing their characters rather than their offscreen personalities, babe. Or maybe that's exactly what those Gossip guys would like you to think. As for the Viciest, I think Mr. Crawford has you fooled with his pretty-boy looks. Actually, I know it.

Dear Ted:
Seeing LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's attention-grabbing Halloween pics, I have to wonder: Are they Vicers? They seem as though there would be all sorts of skanky secrets hidden in that relationship!

Dear Mrs. Obvious:
Hardly, Lyn. These two pretty much air all their naughty tabloid biz themselves—hello, have you peeped LeAnn's twitter. But if you need more juice, just watch this season's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eddie's ex wifey Brandi Glanville is a gossip junkie's wet dream.

Dear Ted:
A recent story came out in a gossip mag stating that Kristen Stewart tortures Robert Pattinson and doesn't call him for days, blows him off, and he always thinks she's going to leave him. I know you've said before that Rob would be more upset if they broke up, but do you think there is any truth to this story? I'd hate to think so.

Dear Relationship Re-Vamp:
While Kristen definitely has the upper hand in this relaysh, I hardly think that torture is the right word. Rob just likes a gal who plays hard to get. And she never keeps him at distance for too long.

Dear Ted:
I saw a quote that Anne Hathaway gave the German magazine Gala: "Before, when I thought of marriage, I was afraid that I would only marry for business reasons." It made me wonder if she's acted as a beard for anyone in the past? It was just an odd thing to admit to.

Dear Gold Digging Diva:
Anne's always been quirky and relatively open with her love life—even when the dudes turn out seriously sour. But even with her somewhat questionable taste in men, this babe has never linked up for bearding reasons. Shocking, I think.

Dear Ted:
In a never interview with Access Hollywood Rob Pattinson joked that he thought the interview was going to ask him if he was gay, but his reply was a little weird. He said if she had asked he wouldn't know how to answer that question. Did Rob just kind of out himself in a way?

Dear Gay for Pay:
No, doll, Rob just has that dry sense of humor that is clearly going over your head.

Dear Ted:
Let's talk the alleged Justin Bieber baby. Do I believe that he could have fathered a baby at the ripe old age of 16? Yes. I do. Now, I'm not saying he did, only that it's definitely possible knowing that he can be Vicey, right? Now, I'm not dumb enough to ask you to confirm or deny this rumor. I'm assuming that this girl will try to go after child support and there will be a paternity test per court order. So my question is this: Will we the people have any access to said test at any point or will Bieber's handlers be able to keep this swept under the rug? Despite this being probably false, how will it affect his image?

Dear Bieber Fever:
Here's the deal: Bieber doesn't have to tell anything. And even though you aren't directly asking, I'll tell you: I think this is all some seriously trashy BS. Bieber's ways—nonexistent Vice included—are so not this scandalous.

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