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Well, she had to see this coming.

Exactly one week after the British government all but gave Kate Middleton and Prince William a green light to begin blindly procreating, the ever-discriminating public has placed the duchess on her first real, rather insistent round of bumpwatch.

But not, surprisingly, because of any perceived midsection growth (she's still as skinny as ever, thankyouverymuch). So what brought on this pregnancy speculation? We've really got to hand it to the peanut gallery on this one…


The offending legumes are to blame for supposedly blowing any cover the royal may have been attempting to keep, as her polite yet curious refusal to taste the United Nations food rations during her and Wills' UNICEF mission to Copenhagen this week has been taken as proof positive that she has a little peanut of her own on the way.

For those not up to speed on their first trimester dos and don'ts, doctors typically urge pregnant women to avoid peanuts and their nutty by-products in order to avoid allergies during early development. The peanut paste that Will dug into with vigor and Kate declined with a (knowing?) smile falls squarely into that category.

While that itself is not exactly hard evidence as to any impending motherhood, coupled with her rep's previous steadfast note to press that Middleton does not suffer nut allergies, and her history of being more than game to try whatever's offered to her at past engagements, it certainly seems like the speculation is not entirely unfounded.

Of course, Middleton's royal spokespeople have yet to comment on the speculation, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Aw, nuts.

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