Giddy with excitement about seeing Jennifer Aniston and her hunky man Justin Theroux together onscreen?

Well, check out out some tender moments of the two in Wanderlust, the comedy where the pair are said to have met.

It's just Jen, Justin...and a goat. Wait, what?

Yeah, it's not what you might expect. As much as we'd hoped that they would be playing two singles who get caught up in a steamy love affair, they don't. The raciest act they participate in as a duo, from what we see in the trailer, is milking a goat.

Who would've thought?!

Instead, Aniston's character is married to Paul Rudd (yay! We love him) and the two of them are forced to move to the middle of nowhere—after Rudd's character gets fired from his high profile job in New York—where they meet a small community of people that lead far different lives than what they're used to.

Wanderlust will be released in theaters on February 24, 2012.

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