Taylor Lautner, New Moon

Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment

For those of you of you not in the know about what goes down in Breaking Dawn, Part One, well here's the Reader's Digest version: Taylor Lautner's Jacob finally gets the boot from Bella and decides...to fall in love with her baby instead!

Yeah, it's a bit more complicated than that, but still totally bizarro. So when we caught up with Tay at the press junket for the flick, we had to ask if he was a bit bummed that Robert Pattinson landed a hottie vampire bride. But he cut in with, "I get a baby?"

Well, let's let him explain:

"Yeah. I've gotten over that by now," Taylor told us, putting on a mucho brave face. "I remember the first time reading the fourth book, I was like ‘What's going to happen?! Is Edward going to end up with Bella? Is Jacob going to end up with Bella?' And I was so confused. I was like, ‘Wait, he's trying to get Bella the whole time and he strikes out, so he goes with her child?' It took a second."

So maybe it's not more complicated than that. Kinda icky, right? Not so, according to Taylor, who, by the way, was pretty damn hot in his scruff and totally cool ‘tude. We love the new Jacob who doesn't try so hard come press time!

"You have to tread lightly because it's a very special thing—it's not romantic at all," Taylor promises about wooing the newborn via "imprinting."

"We had to film it a certain way."

And speaking of filming it, Taylor says that scene in par-tick was hard to do.

"That was tough," Tay-Tay recalled. "Because, what is imprinting? What do you look like when you imprint? It was very, very confusing. It didn't help that when we filmed it they put an X on a wall and said ‘This is Renesmee. You're going to walk in the room, you're going to look at the X and you're going to imprint.'"

Uh, Taylor, just be thankful you got an X instead of the CGI baby with the sexy bedroom eyes that landed in the flick.

Forget the birthing scene, that was the creepiest moment of the movie.

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