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Everyone breathe a sigh of relief—‘cause we can finally clear up that whole Kristen Stewart injury nonsense.

Yes, K.Stew was injured while filming Snow White and the Huntsman, but this whole brouhaha—from cryptic tweets to the hush-hush vibe surrounding what the heck went down—seems to be all for nothing:

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Because Kristen, who was rocking her cast at the Breaking Dawn junket, was happy to fill everyone in on what happened to her:

"Fighting dwarves," K.Stew told reporters at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, when asked how she hurt her hand.

And there you have it, Twi-hards and Krisbians alike. The chick is A-OK.

And she seems to still be enjoying her time in fairy-tale land, because Kristen—who, by the way, looked absolutely fab today dressed down in a slick gray blazer and flowing dark hair (so grown up, great look for her!)—said it was kinda awkward being away from the set.

"I'm doing Snow White right now. It's really weird being here, to be honest," K.Stew, confessed, fidgeting with her gorgeous locks. "Because I'm so very, very much involved in that."

Well, when you go back, promise us one thing K.Stew: Be careful who you're punching, 'kay?

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