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It's the wedding everyone is buzzing about.

And no, we're not talking about Bella and Edward hitting the aisle in Breaking Dawn (which, happens twice in the super-amped flick). We obviously mean Robert Pattinson spilling that since the flick used a real priest during filming, he and GF Kristen Stewart may "technically" be married.

So we had to ask K.Stew what she thought about the whole "I do" tizzy:

"Honestly, that's the first I've heard of that," Kristen 'fessed when we asked her what she thought about R.Pattz telling fans in Sweden that they may be husband and wifey.

But that doesn't mean it ain't true.

"He couldn't even remember the vows. I think he was kind of nervous," Kristen told us about the fella who performed the ceremony for the movie. "He did great, it's just that he kept saying our names as well."

So he says, "Do you, Rob, take Kristen to be your wife?" and vice versa, and if director Bill Condon doesn't call cut, the twosome may actually have (kinda) tied the knot.

Or at least, we can keep dreaming that they did!

"Basically, that's a funny story to come out of all of all this," Kristen laughed. "Because that wasn't my memory of it. And was he even necessarily a real ordained minister? I'd like to find out."

As would we, Ms. Stewart. As would we. Bill Condon, would you like to weigh in here? And, Rob, didn't you say it was a priest?

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