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Reality shows and drama: they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The X Factor experienced its own bit of drama this week after reports surfaced attacking Stacy Francis for allegedly having a successful music career before coming on the show and then an ousted contestant, Dexter Haygood, claimed his elimination last week was rigged. 

After tonight's show, during which we said goodbye to the adorable and talented InTENsity, Simon Cowell addressed both controversies head on...

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"I think it's going to help her," Cowell says of Francis. "It does feel like she's being picked on a bit.  We never said you couldn't have had a career in the past. It's absurd. She never hid it from us. The public could care less." He also adds that Francis has been dealing with setbacks her whole life and this is nothing new.  "She always said somebody was always standing in her way saying, 'You're not good enough.' It's happened all her life. The public couldn't care less." 

As for the show's other controversy, you know, Dexter Haygood saying his elimination was rigged, Cowell simply says, "It's absolutely crazy!" Nicole Scherzinger adds, "It's simply not the case, but I'm a big fan of Dexter's and I always will be." 

However, The X Factor may have a traitor in its midst as host Steve Jones jokes, "Actually, it's all true. I'm taking him all the way!"

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As for tonight's elimination, is there anything more heartbreaking than watching ten teens and tweens cry their eyes out after being eliminated from a competition and having their dreams crushed? Try interviewing said kids after their journey on the show just ended, tear-stained cheeks and all.

InTENsity member Francesca Marcilio says, "I was kind of surprised, but we worked really hard and have so many fans so we're just excited to see what's going to happen in the future for our group." As for whether or not InTENsity will stay together as a band (they were grouped together during the audition process), the group answers with a resounding "yes" despite the fact that they live all across the country. 

"it's very difficult to have America connect with more than one person," Paul Abdul says of having two of her groups in the bottom two.

Abdul had the difficult task of consoling the ten-member band after the show and says she attempted to keep their spirits up. "What I tried to make them realize is that it's only the beginning," she says. "Magical things happen from shows like this. Their lives will never be the same. They're destined to be doing what they're doing."

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Other tidbits from tonight:

  • "It gives them another shot. It's like a life-line," Cowell says of the judges having final say of which contestant goes home. However, America soon will be taking over that responsibility. Cowell says the switch will occur "probably by the semi-final." 
  • Will Scherzinger be performing on the show anytime soon? "Absolutely, honey. I will try to perform every week," she enthuses. "I can't wait. I have an album coming out soon. I would perform every night."

What did you think of tonight's show? Do you think the judges made the right choice? Are you rooting for Francis because of all the controversy? Sound off in the comments!

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