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We've all heard the sage advice to "follow your heart." And "the heart wants what the heart wants." Basically all that romantic hoopla that we don't listen to in real life but love in TV. In tonight's Grey's Anatomy, the doctors had to listen closely to their hearts and even sought advice from the most unlikely oracle.

Who broke up, who made up and which character is on death's door? And which very important patient comes to Seattle Grace with a nostalgia-filled trip down memory lane that brings on all the tears? Find out:


Magic Eight Heart: Cristina (Sandra Oh) has high-class problems. Last week Teddy (Kim Raver) finally took the leash off and is letting her choose a bucket list of cool surgeries to perform. Problem is Cristina's eyes are bigger than her stomach. Actually that's not a good metaphor for heart surgery. The point is Cristina has a long list. So she asks for advice from the still pumping donor heart that's waiting for a body. Cool. And it listens. And answers. And creeps April out. Actually how it works is it puts everything into perspective. It's a little like a game of "Would You Rather?" Is what you want cooler than a heart in a box? Problem is this Magic Eight Heart also gives love-life advice.

Be Still My Heart: In one of the more awesome and meta storylines, Lexie (Chyler Leigh) gets embroiled transcribing an epic time-traveling romance novel by an author and patient (Alfre Woodard). Here's something we may be able to relate to: Lexie is a Kate/Nathan shipper. We're told he's good and handsome and not a criminal. And they want the same things. But he's not Kate's soulmate. Mark Alexander is.

Hold the phone. In some weird roundabout way were we just told that Lexie and Mark (Eric Dane) are soul mates? Oh Shonda, don't toy with us! We're emotionally fragile. You don't have to read too much between to lines to hear Shonda's message: Mark and Lexie will be together after three more books. Oops. Guess that part got messed up in translation. But in probably the most hilarious direct way possible, the novel writer told Lexie and loyal crazed viewers readers that she may want to choose the nice good guy now, but he's not her soul mate. The bad boy is. Awww. We totally want to read this book now.

But that's neither here nor there because Jackson (Jesse Williams) beats Lexie to the punch and breaks up with her first. And then chooses Mark. And the "Plastics Posse" aka our favorite bromance lives on, while Lexie cries. We don't like that last part.


Too Smooth: Things have been going well for Cristina and Owen. Too well if you ask us. We get suspicious when the waters are too calm during November sweeps and Kevin McKidd tells us the drama we've been experiencing pales in comparison to what's coming up: "People better watch out. It's been quite sedate up to this point." We need a drink.

Not Noel! We're not doctors and we don't even play them on TV but we're pretty sure gushing up blood is not a good sign. So much for med school dreams, in next week's Grey's Anatomy Teddy puts her husband's life in the hands of her peers when Henry (Scott Foley) is sent to the OR for surgery and she's called away on another case. Non-doctor love interests never end well on this show. Grab your tissues. We hope we're wrong.

Sk8R Boy and Girl: Grey's is currently casting a young "skater-type" couple who also have "good hearts." We think they mean personality-wise and not full-sized aortic pump-wise. Who here thinks they come in with a skateboarding-related accident? Wear a helmet, kids!

Have you asked the Magic Beating Heart for your life-altering advice? Did you get Shonda's writerly message loud and clear? Who else is shocked Mama O'Malley made it though that surgery alive and well? Sound off in the comments!

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