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Nothing brings the drama like a good ol' fashioned game of truth or dare, y'all! Add in six young witches and you're just asking for trouble. 

That's what viewers can expect from tonight's episode of The Secret Circle, which leading lady Britt Robertson tells us is chock full of tension, including some of the sexual variety!

So which guy makes Cassie's heart flutter and which one is burning her fire?

When the coven heads off on a little adventure to find Cassie's missing grandmother, things take a turn for the scandalous when they decide to play truth or dare "to lighten the mood." 

"Tension is high and we have Jake (Chris Zylka) there and a relationship with that building between Jake and Cassie, or at least there is something there, and it is clearly obvious to Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and she is a little irritated by it," Robertson teases. "Diana (Shelley Hennig) loosens up a little bit and gets a little friendly and things are weird with her and Adam (Thomas Dekker). There is a lot of tension and truth or dare gets a bit funny."

Speaking of tension, Cassie is feeling the sexual kind with Adam and Jake, both of whom bring out a different side of her, Robertson says. Quoting her showrunner Andrew Miller, she says, "Adam is what makes her heart flutter and Jake is what keeps her fire burning." Sounds likes all the ingredients for an epic love triangle!

With (possible villain) Jake around, "he brings out a different side in her, a very different side. He's so informed about magic and witchcraft and it's a cool little relationship that they have going on. I think it'll be fun to watch it grow."

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As for Adam and Cassie's "written in the stars" destiny that has been set up since the pilot, Robertson says fans should expect a slow burn. "I think the longer we make the audience wait for that moment, the more rewarding it will be when they actually do get together," she says. "I think they'll try to stretch it out as long as possible without pissing people off, but you will definitely see more of Adam and Cassie."

Secret Circle, Britt Robertson

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In a surprising twist, Robertson tells us that she believes Cassie's most important relationship is actually with Adam's currently ex-girlfriend Diana "because they are nothing beyond just pure friends, there is no silly romance. It's just two people being there for each other."

It's because of this bond that Robertson believes Cassie won't make a move on Adam. "In my eyes, Cassie is a very compassionate and loyal human being," she says. "Until Diana is OK with Adam moving on and him moving on with Cassie, I don't think you'll see Cassie break that tie."

In last week's episode, we learned that Cassie is different from her fellow coven members thanks to a "gift" from her mysterious father: dark magic. Yes, our resident girl next door could easily become the most dangerous person on the show...and Robertson is loving it. 

"It's exciting to see one of your main characters go through something that is so wrong in a way and you get to see the whole journey...It's not just a taste of like this weird evil girl," she teases. "You get to see her experience it and then figure out why, where it will go from here—and how she is going to control it, tame it and try and get rid of it."

Are you team Adam or team Jake in the battle for Cassie's heart? Or do you want her to embrace her dark side? Sound off in the comments!

The Secret Circle airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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