Game, Jay Manuel, Lisa, America's Next Top Model

Jaimie Trueblood/The CW

After trying to get past the shock and astonishment of last week's double elimination, which included head diva Bianca's departure, we started to wonder who would entertain us on America's Next Top Model for the remainder of the season?

Um, hello. What a stupid question.

Lisa's still here!

Songwriting Sirens: The ladies got hit with a musical challenge this week, when they were asked to write lyrics to tracks that were put together for each of them. Oh, did we mention they only had 20 minutes? The fierce competitors received a little bit of help from music producer Tom Polce, who ultimately chose the challenge winner based off their writing skills. Lisa was chosen, which not only meant that she was now the winner of two challenges in a row, but ANTM's designated party girl also won a visit from her fiancé. Awww!

"Pot Lodem": After putting their creative rhyming to work, it was time to record their tracks in the studio in hopes of becoming the Internet's next viral hit like fellow YouTubers Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber. Remember, they're building a brand here. But it wouldn't be a reality show without a twist! Each contestant had to incorporate "Pot Lodem" into their song, which is "Top Model" backwards. Ooh, crafty!

Singing-wise, we learned that Shannon should stick to modeling, Allison does encompass some deep-rooted emotion (mainly when it comes to her father's death) and Lisa is one helluva rapper!

Video Vixens: The last step would of course be a full-blown production video! And who better to direct it than rapper The Game?! And he didn't take the job lightly. He really put on his boss-man pants and critiqued these women, especially Alexandria, who wasn't too keen on all his "cuts" and comments. Tyra Banks also showed up to play her part as a hype man and make cameos in the videos, but she didn't come alone. She also brought YouTube's famous Keenan Cahill. How cute!

It was clear Lisa was in her element, impressing both The Game and Jay Manuel, along with intimidating all the other all-stars. Get it, girl! Surprisingly, Allison—who was super stressed about this whole challenge—was one of Game and Jay's favorites. Another calling, perhaps?

"Dwindling, Dwindling, Dwindling": The number of girls, as Tyra put it, is "dwindling," and that was evident during eliminations. But what did we expect? This is a competition! Which only means another lady was sent home packin', but not before watching every girl's video. Every. Single. One.


Bye, Bye, Bye: Once the panel and guest judge The Game came to their final decision, Allison was crowned as the top dog for best music video. Yay! We also got some vibes that Game was feelin' her, if you know what we mean (possible new couple alert?!).

But when it came down to the nitty-gritty, Alexandria was booted back home.

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