Blind vice 300 gay sex

Dear Ted:
Is there a new man in Nevis Divine's life, and is his girlfriend OK with that?

Dear Bisexual Blind:
No on the new man front, but if there was a par-tick fella Nev had his eyes on, I'm sure his GF would be OK with it. Nevis is so sexually cosmopolitan, and all. Why isn't everyone?

Dear Ted:
You don't mention Daniel Radcliffe too much and I was wondering what's going on with him? I know he's on Broadway now, but what's next? And I heard he and his girlfriend broke up, any truth?

Dear Life Beyond Potter:
What's next is Daniel's newest flick, The Woman in Black, which from the looks of the trailer, may be the scariest movie of 2012. As for the GF? I hear the two are still together, but the they do keep a low profile—and I can't say I've ever been that intrigued by Radcliffe's love life. (Honestly, I wonder if he feels the same way). One thing's for sure, he won't let any girl get in the way of his post-Potter success. 

Dear Ted:
You report a Summit insider says "You think people could just let Kristen Stewart breathe a little? She just happens to have a lot on her plate right now, and I don't just mean her boyfriend." That makes it sounds like Robert Pattinson is one of those things on her plate—and not in a good way. I know you've been the keeper of Robsten, but does this not make you a little more concerned about the state of the relationship?

Dear Blame It on the Distance:
Sorry, doll, but Kristen's relaysh with Rob is a problem right now. They are trying to balance a mega-high-profile romance with films of their own and a Breaking Dawn press tour. I adore Robsten for constantly beating the odds, so I'm sure they can make it work, but trust, long distance is über-tough on any relationship. Add a million crazy Twi-hards to the mix and you've got a whole lotta stress for our girl Kris. 

Dear Ted:
I know this is not a "spoilers" column, but after reading some of the unsettling stuff coming up for Dianna Agron's character Quinn on Glee, I have to wonder what the heck she's done to Ryan Murphy to get this type of story. I know backstage stuff can affect what is written in stories, and I had high hopes for a great dramatic story with the baby. Is that still the buzz for Dianna, or is it the opposite with writing something not so good for her character?

Dear No Love for Dianna:
No worries, C, even though you may not be a fan of the latest story line for Agron's character, it certainly doesn't reflect the writers' feelings toward her. Blame the soap-opera-esque storyline simply on Murphy pushing the boob-tube boundaries. Nothing more.

Dear Ted:
Wondering if Cass Stimulatia ever got her wish of being pregnant?

Dear Negative.
Sorry, no happy ending there. At least, not yet.

Dear Ted: 
What is it with Hollywood and its lack of colored actresses? It's always the same when a new movie comes out, a "white out" as I like to put it. Being Latina I would love to see other colors than white. No offense. I feel as if colored actresses aren't given as many chances. Is Hollywood so scared to add some color?

Dear Color Me H'wood:
The good news is Jennifer Lopez has practically taken over the world, and just look at Amber Riley out-divaing Lea Michele on Glee! But then you have genius and hysterical hosts like Wendy Williams who aren't allowed to be part of the mainstream media (uh, hello, there's an Oprah vacancy going on)...or it takes a white woman to start the civil rights movement, à la The Help. Two steps ahead, one back.

Dear Ted:
Have you met Rob, Ted? The man has far too much intelligence and depth to make himself another notch on a vapid, famewhore, ex-GF of a Jonas' bedpost. He's right where he should be: with a girl who loves him for exactly who he is regardless of his fame status.

Dear Excuse Me?
Yes. And have I ever said anything different? Been Team Robsten since the beginning, end of story. 

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