Jessica Simpson

Dear Ted:
I'm just plain over Jessica Simpson, not her weight scrutiny. Though I do find it interesting that she and her father finally realized how pathetic they've been making her look over the years trying to catch more of her fleeting television/music/movie stardom, where they completely ignored her successful business. There's just a few things you can count on in life: death, taxes and the Simpson family desperately trying to stay famous.
—Bridget S

Dear Look Who's Desperate:
That was a really unkind thing to say, and I completely disagree with you. I think Jessica's done a fantastic job of getting herself out of that stick-thin-wannabe-celeb-snob club (as you almost grudgingly mention) by designing things women actually need, well-priced cool clothing. I just love her shoes! You don't see her clinging to some trendy song release in a stupid club or slapping her name on a Peruvian macro-biotic restaurant which also sells Daisy Dukes in the reception area. Girl's smart and deserves a little more respect. And congrats on your kid, Jess!

Dear Ted:
Thank you for giving us the many looks of Ryan Gosling. That sound you hear? Millions of women worldwide gasping at his sight. He is irresistible! However, that is not due to his looks only, but his considerable talent. As a filmophile, I think he has enough talent and charisma to be the next George Clooney or Marlon Brando or even better. What are your thoughts? Whatever the case, please keep us informed about this wonderful thespian.

Dear Ditto:
Completely agree, especially about the possibility of even surpassing Clooney and Brando. But it's still a little too soon to tell.

Dear Ted:
I just want to say stop messing with the Glee cast, especially Naya Rivera! Grow up and get a real brain!

Dear Who's Brain Is Fake?
Babe, you must have the fake stuff upstairs, because any idiot can tell I absolutely adore the Glee cast, Naya included. Read much? Heaven knows I go on about them enough!

Dear Ted:
After reading this article I think it's time for a Terry Tush-Trade update, don't you?

Dear Careful What You Wish For:
First, what the hell makes you think Kristen Stewart has squat to do with TTT? Second, would you prefer before or after the Breaking Dawn premiere?

Dear Ted:
I live all the way here in Malaysia, but am an ardent follower of your column. I love Dianna Agron and was wondering, if we live in an ideal world, whom would you pick as her special guy, and why would you choose that person, since you have stated that she has dubious taste in men.

Dear Dianna Dyin':
You're going to kill me. But I happen to know Alex Pettfyer really loved Dianna and might—just might—be worth considering for a second chance. If he's gotten his temper together.

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