Demi Lovato, Wilmer Valderrama

Sam Sharma;

Demi Lovato appears to be back to her old ways. And we ain't talking about what landed her in treatment.

No, these are questionable habits of a much sexier variety. See, on Halloween night, rumors swirled that the Disney starlet and ex-flame Wilmer Valderrama were back on again—and seemingly hotter and heavier than ever.

And while the duo's reps have always claimed the twosome are "just friends," they're sure singing (or slurping) a different tune now...

Because you can't deny the smooch session the couple performed for the paparazzi.

"We're not going to comment," Team Lovato told us when we asked for a clarification of Demi and Wilmer's relaysh.

Just days after reports hit the net that the twosome were canoodling on the spookiest of all holiday's, Demi and her '70s Show stud made their relaysh very public, snogging each other in front of Wilmer's home.

So much for the "just friends" bit we were all thrown. But here's what we want to know: is this the smartest move for Demi?

Wilmer definitely isn't a prude when it comes to dating Hollywood's finest ladies. In fact, he's pretty much known for it.

Remember that Howard Stern interview were he spilled about taking Mandy Moore 's virginity and Ashley Simpson being a screamer? This was just the tip of the blabbermouth iceberg on celebs he had sex with. Oh, and then there is Lindsay Lohan.

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See, Wilmer has a thing for arguably bad girls.

It's no secret, and since Demi is trying to keep on the straight and narrow, we wonder if this is a dude she should be associating with. She's had a hard last year and just clocked in a year since she sought treatment by singing at the World Series.

We don't want Wilmer to lure her back into the world of partying and playboys.

But what say you: Should Demi be allowed to take a trip on the wild side when it comes to her boy toys? Or would a nice wholesome fella like her Jonas Brother ex be better for the recovering singer?

—Additional reporting by John Boone

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