So good, so good, so good. That's all we can say about the lightning-fast shockfest that is ABC's Revenge. And yet, we have some very big concerns, people!

Namely, is it possible that the show's ridiculously handsome playboy Daniel (Joshua Bowman) is actually getting killed off? After all, we saw what could have been his dead body face down in the sand in the first episode. Also, do the producers really expect us to choose between Emily VanCamp's two insanely charming love interests: Daniel and Jack (Nick Wechsler)?

We just tried to get to the bottom of all this with Josh himself, who teases that tonight's Revenge is "probably the best episode yet"...

It was recently announced that the big murder mystery reveal has been pushed back to episode 15, leaving us to sweat it out over Daniel's fate for an extra two episodes. (Why must you torture us, Mike Kelley?!) So what did extremely swoonworthy (British accent and all!) Bowman have to tell us about Daniel's fate on the show?

"Well, it's very open as to who is it, it could be a number of people. It could be me, it could be! [Laughs.] Well, it could be a few people. I mean, the audience is already psyched as to who they think, but it is very open as to who it is," Bowman coyly says of the show's murder victim. "I mean, we have only seen the body, we haven't seen the face, so we will see. There are lots of twists and turns in this story."

Bowman teases that tonight's outing ("Charade") is "probably the best episode yet" and says "it's got everything in it," including an awkward family dinner at the Graysons and major love triangle drama when Daniel confronts Emily (VanCamp) about Jack (Wechsler).

"You'll see quite a bit of the love triangle. There are a couple of occasions where you'll see the love triangle simmer. It gets interesting," Bowman says. "There is also a great twist in the story between me and Emily as well. The relationship between us will either be great or it will be over."

All those on Team Daniel may need to start cheering a bit louder because Bowman is convinced Team Jack has more supporters amongst viewers. (Silly, silly man!) "I think it's more Team Jack because he's got the stubble and he's got this whole manly look. They made me look more boyish," he says. "He's got blue eyes and a boat and a dog. Maybe if I do something crazy!"

Speaking of crazy, Bowman says fans can expect Tyler (Ashton Holmes) to keep on bringing his special brand of psycho to the show in the episodes to come. "He'll start to lose control," Bowman teases. "I mean, you'll start to see he'll start to lose his grip on the fact that he can't get into the Grayson family and that he really is still an outsider and always will be. That will start to f--k with him big time."

When we asked if Tyler, who drugged Daniel in the last episode (see: crazy), is actually in love with Daniel, Bowman was quick to correct us, saying, "He's in love with his lifestyle and what he has in terms of what he's a part of: the society, the money, the family, everything."

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As for people wondering why Daniel can't see what Tyler is up to, Bowman assures us that his character won't stay in the dark for long. "I think from this episode on, you're going to start to see Daniel with more of a set of cojones, as they say. He becomes much more clued up as to what is going on and to Tyler's manipulation and he starts to switch on him a bit more, which I am loving to do because I felt that the character needed that."

Revenge airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Who do you think is the murder victim, Revenge fans? And are you Team Jack or Team Daniel? Sound off in the comments!

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