Amy Smart, Carter Oosterhouse

Ben Harrison/

Green Is Universal - Nov 2011

Actress Amy Smart may have walked down the aisle in a white Carolina Herrera gown, but the real color on her and beau Carter Oosterhouse's mind was green. 

You'll never guess just how eco-friendly the couple's big day was...

"Our wedding was very green," Oosterhouse recently told us. "We had 220 people there and only one bag of trash, not even a full bag. We recycled everything, we composted everything."

Smart dished that once she and her HGTV host hubby find a new house, they plan on solar paneling the roof to make it more energy efficient.

"For my house, I had [the solar paneling company] come and...try and put them on my roof. From the mountains and the location, they said I wouldn't be able to benefit from it and it would be so expensive because I get so much shade at some points," she said. "So yeah, if we can, we will definitely try to put solar on."

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